Real Estate deeds: Aug. 3, 2012

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June 1-5

Richard W. Paul and Judith Lynn Cruz to Richard W. Paul & Judith Lynn Cruz Trust, 6.99 acres, Kaze Farm, $1 and considerations

Jackie and Laura Finfrock to Nicholas W. and Kara M. Keeton, Tract 13, Pilcher Road Farms II, $106,000

Brian D. Laird and Danita Fentress Laird to Gregory J. and Alisson Louann Kreitzer, Lot 119, North Country, Section IV, $175,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to Timothy and Laura Ramsey, Lot 113, Cardinal Club Estates, $299,000

Linda and Herschel David Downing to Linda and Herschel David Downing, 5.19 acres, Tract 2B, Eugenia Hedden Farm, considerations

Davis Wood Properties to Rafael Mejia-Heredia, property on north 9th Street, Shelbyville, $41,000

Woodfield Inc. to Donald Hamilton Inc., Lot 88, Meadowbrook, Section III, Phase II, $27,000

Gregory F. and Alma Dean Moore to Christopher Martin, Lot 3, Long Run Farms, No. 1, $255,000

Gerald T. and Lauren M. Hedges Jr. to Justin M. and Sara B. Hedges, 1.036 acres, Lot C, Greenhaven Farm, $25,000

Paul M. Baker to Field of Dreams Farm LLC, 52.11 acres on KY 1848, tracts 10, 15, 16, Tract 8A, CAB 4, SLAB 137, Cardinal Farm, $2.5 million

Dogwood Homes of Kentucky LLC to Stephen J. Hobbs, Lot 64, Summersfield Place, Phase 1, $149,000


June 6-10

Republic Bank & Trust to Sean A. and Pamela M. Garrett, Lot 17, Aqua Shores No. 2, Block D, $112,000

Van M. and Stephanie Thompson to Anthony L. Mason, Lot 25, Bridlewood Estates, Section 1, $140,950

Federal National Mortgage Association to Ashley Poston, property on Burks Branch Pike, $29,990

Billy K. and Mary J. Wilder to James C. Jones, Lots 27-29, Block C, Greenland Park No. 2, $85,000

Amanda Michelle Nickels and Michael James Hayden to Amanda Michelle Hayden and Michael James Hayden, Lot 9, Brittany Estates, Section IV, $$10 and considerations

Olive Branch Methodist Church to John Michael Richeson, 5.01 acres on Taylor Wood Road, $65,000

Harris B. and Sally M. Meves to Randy O. and Michelle L. Hodder, 15 acres, Larry Smith Property, $259,000

Suzanne L. and Frederick C. Dolt Jr. to Mary Lou Sallade, Lot 236, Persimmon Ridge Phase XI, $65,000

Mary Lou Sallade to Karem Built Homes Inc., Lot 236, Persimmon Ridge Phase XI, $1 and considerations

Michael and Ann Marine Hesse to Michael Hesse, Lot 68, Todds Station Phase I, $1 and considerations

Mike R. and Melissa Denton to Rafael and Erika Mejia, Lot 87, Midland Estates, Sec. IV, $110,000

Ralph C. and Jean C. Archer to Carl W. & Catherine C. Hail Trust, Unit 3A, Villas, Section 1, Fairway Crossing, $185,000

Grant and Shari Kuhn to Robert and Jessica M. Green, Lot 2, Weissinger Estates, Section I, $240,000

Derek A. Anthony to James R. and Judy A. Lee, Lot 62, Guist Creek Ridge, Section II, $135,000

Clay M. Keeley to Clay M. Keeley and Leann H. Gaither, Lot 48, Old Mill Village, Section II, $25,000

Jeffrey D. and Beth A. Brown to Kevin W. and Pamela L. Flanigan, Lot 44, Magnolia Place, Section II, $253,000


June 11-12

Joyce M. Riddle to Douglas and Madaline Conley, 5 acres on KY 395, $174,900

Lillie Head to Albert and Brenda Edington, Lot 162, No. 2B, Trailwood Lakes, $1,500

Michael W. Cronin to Michael W. Cronin Living Trust, Unit 1, Building C, Cardinal Townhomes, considerations

Davis Wood Properties LLC to Rafael Mejia, property on 9th Street in Shelbyville, $42,000

Larry and Penny Drury to Whitney F. and Walton H. Jones III, 7.9 acres on Hunters Lane, $76,976

Bill J. and Cynthia A. Daniel to David Bruce Parks and Jo Ann Parks, 7.392 acres, Lot 13, Old Stone Farm, $335,000

Darrell Berlin Cutlip Jr. to Drema Kay Cutlip, 5.21 acres, Lot 5, Indian Springs Section 1, $161,900

Robert L. and Cynthia T Green to Catherine L. Crum, Lot 77, Ken Acres, $111,000

Karen A. and Richard Bruce Powell Jr. to Lisa G. and Michael Lee Meador, 1.21 acres, Charleston , Section 2, $239,900