Put God first

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By The Staff

I read the article on the girl who said a prayer at the SCHS graduation saying we need God and we need prayer. How can anyone say anything against this?

We claim to be a Christian country. In surveys almost 70 percent of Americans will tell you that they are Christians, although that's not the truth. If it were, a lot of things we allow in this country would not be tolerated.

Prayer is not a religious activity; it is a form of worship. God says in First Thessolonians pray without ceasing. Jesus taught others how to pray.

Take a good look at this country and tell me we don't need God. We are leaving God out of everything because it might offend somebody. We use the word diversity for non-believers. It's time people start worrying about what God thinks and not what others think. I don't know much about Supreme Court rulings or amendments but when it comes to God it's either right or wrong, saved or lost, there's no gray area.

Too many people use fancy words trying to prove their point or how educated they are. That might impress man but not God. God's looking for people to tell the truth at all costs. We are to pray because there is power in the name of Jesus. When you believe and use that name things happen. The devil knows this and that's why he uses others to try to keep you from praying and using Jesus' name.

Christians need to be bold and stand up for what is right. I'm sure God is well pleased with the young lady who did his will. Personally, I don't care what others think. I'll speak the truth or pray wherever and whenever knowing the one who will judge me and everyone else sits on his throne in heaven.

Allen Spencer,