Only a few days to file for 2014 elections

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A few more races grow but many incumbents unopposed

By Todd Martin

With the deadline to file for the 2014 election quickly approaching, only a few new candidates have emerged and a few positions remain unopposed.

The last day to file in most races is Tuesday, but candidates in the non-partisan Shelby County Board of Education, Simpsonville City Commission and Soil and Conservation Board races don’t have to file until August.

Shelby County Clerk Sue Carole Perry speculates that one reason may be that with such a wide range of competent elected officials with many years of experience, people are content with their performances in office.

“Maybe people just think we’re doing such a good job, they don’t need to run against us,” she said. “Also, it costs a lot of money to run for election, and Shelby County is not a good county to raise money in, it’s usually your own money you’re spending. That could be a factor.”

Perry said she really doesn’t expect that too many more will file before the deadline Tuesday at 4 p.m. That’s because, typically, candidates, especially those new to the political area, will file early on, she said.

“You might have one or two that just kind of surprises you, but I would think that if you were going to be elected to represent your party in the primary, I would think you’d want to be already campaigning,” she said.

Currently there are nine incumbents running unopposed. They are:

  • §  U.S. House Representative: Republican Thomas Massie.
  • State House Representative: Republican Brad Montell.
  • Circuit Judge: Charles Hickman.
  • Shelby County Judge-Executive Republican Rob Rothenburger.
  • Shelby County: Clerk Democrat Sue Carole Perry.
  • County Attorney: Republican Hart Megibben.
  • Jailer Democrat Bobby Waits.
  • PVA: Democrat Brad McDowell.
  • County Surveyor: Republican George Best.
  • Coroner: Republican Ron Waldridge Jr.
  • Shelbyville Mayor: Democrat Tom Hardesty.

A newly formed race will be for 53rd District Judge Part 2, in which incumbent Donna Dutton will be challenged by attorney Emily Farrar-Crockett of Finchville. Farrar-Crockett filed this week.

A few incumbents have re-filed recently, including state Sen. Paul Hornback (R-Shelbyville), who filed his papers last week and will run in the primary against new-comer Tony McCurdy (R-Shelbyville). No Democrats have filed for the race. And James Tingle will run for Constable, District 1 again.

The race seats on the Shelby County Fiscal Court are hot and cold.

District 7 has three candidates as Republican Danny Eades joined the race and will run against Republican Doug Butler in the primary, and the winner would face Democrat Edward Doyle in November election. The seat became vacant Democrat Mike Whitehouse decided not to run for re-election.

Another open seat – Allen Ruble’s vacated District 3 – now has three candidates. Democrat Matt Samples will await a Republican from between Mike Miller and Tim Willard.

And in District 2, incumbent Republican Michael Riggs will face the challenge of Republican newcomer Mark McCall.

The Shelbyville City Council race added three candidates, with newcomer Republicans Troy Ethington and D. Scott Harper joining incumbent Republican Jon Swindler as new filers. They’re added to the list with incumbent Democrats Donna Eaton, Shane Suttor and Mike Zoeller and Republican Bob Andriot. Unless six candidates from one party file, there would be no primary.

Teresa Cunningham, of Florence, has also joined the race for a seat on the State Supreme Court. She’ll face Michelle Keller of Fort Mitchell for the District 6 seat.



2014 Election candidates

The list is compiled from information on the Kentucky Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.ky.gov


U.S. Senator:Mitch McConnell (R), Matt Bevin (R), Gurley Martin (R), Alison Grimes (D)

U.S. House District 4:Thomas Massie (R)

State Senate Dist. 20:Paul Hornback (R), Tony McCurdy (R)

State House Dist. 53:Brad Montell (R)

State Supreme Court District 6:(Non-partisan) Teresa Cunningham, Michelle Keller

Appellate District 6:(Non-partisan) Allison Jones, Justin Sanders, Joy A. Moore

Circuit Judge, District 53:(Non-partisan) Charles Hickman

Family Court Judge, District 53:(Non-partisan) John David Myles, Marie Hellard, Susan M. Meschier

District Judge, District 53:Part 1, Linda Armstrong; Part 2, Donna Dutton, Emily Farrar-Crockett

Shelby County Judge-Executive:Rob Rothenburger (R)

Shelby County Fiscal Court:District 1, Hubert Pollett (D); District 2 Mark McCall (R) and Michael Riggs (R); District 3, Matthew Samples (D), Mike Miller (R) and Tim Willard (R); District 4, Bill Hedges (R); District 5, Eddie Kingsolver (D); District 6, Tony Carriss (D); District 7, Doug Butler (R), Edward Doyle (D), Danny Eades (R)

Shelby County Clerk:Sue Carole Perry (D)

Shelby County Attorney:Hart Megibben (R)

Shelby County Sheriff:Mike Armstrong (D), Stewart Shirley (R), Bruce Gentry (R)

Shelby County Jailer:Bobby Waits (D)

Shelby County Coroner:Ron Waldridge (R)

Shelby County Surveyor:George Best (R)

PVA: Brad McDowell (D)

Shelbyville Mayor:Tom Hardesty (D)

Shelbyville City Council:Bob Andriot (R), Donna Eaton (D), Troy Ethington (R), D. Scott Harper (R), Jon Swindler (R), Shane Suttor (D), Mike Zoeller (D)

Constables:District 1, James Tingle (D); District 4, Donnie Bruner (D); District 6, Gary Tindle (D), District 7, Harold Sutton (D)

Soil Board: (non-partisan)No filings until August

School Board: (non-partisan)No filings until August

Simpsonville City Commission: (Non partisan) No filings until August