Old Stone Inn gets new stability

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Restaurant undergoing some structural updates

By Spencer Jenkins

The Old Stone Inn, an historic landmark in Simpsonville for more than 200 years, bringing in patrons from all over to view its architecture and maybe a bite or two to eat, is getting a tune-up of sorts.

The restaurant, built in the 1700s, at first an inn and then since the 1920s a restaurant, is going through some long-overdue repairs that its proprietor said shouldn’t affect customers.

Shelley Thompson-Cotton, who since 2008 has operated the restaurant, said the building needs a new roof as well as other structural repairs completed, and basic repairs are being done because the building has sat for so long.

“The chimneys were kind of leaning, so they are being fixed,” she said. “Everything settles for so many years, and the building starts to lean a little bit, so you have to straighten things up so nothing falls.

“The grout in the front of the building also needs repairing.”

She said the average person won’t notice anything has been renovated because the renovations are subtle.

“You won’t see hardly any difference at all,” she said.

The renovations began last Monday, and Thompson-Cotton said she hopes they will be finished in the next two or three weeks, depending on the weather.

“Most of the stuff is done during the day before we open,” she said. “We’re still doing our lunches on Thursdays and Fridays, and they’re not doing repairs then.”

That way, she said, the restaurant staff can go in and clean up so they’re ready to serve people their food and drinks when doors open at 4 p.m.

Thompson-Cotton said the building has so much history that she hopes it stays intact as long as possible.

“It’s a great landmark for the county, whether it’s a restaurant or whatever else it could be,” she said.

“Nothing has really been done on the outside for two hundred years, so they’re just making sure it’s going to stand another two hundred, hopefully.”