Ohio Valley Walking Horse Assoc. Show results

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By The Staff

Results from the Ohio Valley Walking Horse Association Fall Festival Horse Show held Saturday at the Shelby County Fairgrounds.

Listed: Horse, rider, owner

Class: youth Country Pleasure 11-and-under

1. My Lucky Dollar, Shelby Wright, Shelby Wright

2. Pushers Lobo, Delaney Reynolds, Delaney Reynolds

3. Gabriels First Glory, Alana Northern, Glenda Kirkland

4. Juanita Buttons, Paige Turner, Donna and Chuck Brey

5. Fires Magic, Destiny Davis, Donna and Chuck Brey

Class: KWHA Ladies Auxiliary Specialty

1. Silverado Spirit, Polly Ware, Tom and Polly Ware

2. Cashs Golden Skyline, Lindsay Oliver, Phyllis Butner

3. Armed Irish Lady, Laurie Herchenroeder, Laurie Herchenroeder

Class: Amateur Four-year-old

1. Bandit On Parole, Brian Doyle, Virgil Dryden

2. Diamond Eagles, Peggy Bramerloh, Peggy Bramerloh

3. Busters Final Edition, Jennifer Zeller, JoAnne Zeller

Class: Weanlings

1. Fungsamongus, Aliesha Isaacs, David Bullock

2. Miss Red Velvet, Billy Howard, Barney Shuffett

3. Evens Exclusive Revenge, Maggie Mae White, Maggie Mae White

Class: Park Performance 3-and-under

1. Awesome Bayou, Laurie Herchenroederm, Laurie Herchenroeder

2. Danica Patrick, John Jackson, Bernadette Snowden

3. Stones Emperor, Dale Steinmetz, Dale Steinmetz

4. Shes A Beam Stock Sky, Billy Joe Hays, Joe and Mary Lou Hays

5. The Generals Game, Jordan Caudill, Jordan Caudill

Class: Amateur 2-year-old

1. King of Voltage, Becky Day, Kevin McNatt

2. Midnight Excape, Brian Doyle, Parrish Lawn

3. Pushing Cashs Romance, Dale Steinmetz, Dale Steinmetz

4. Lady Trump, David Bullock, David Bullock

5. True Blue Lady, Polly Ware, Tom and Polly Ware

Class: Open Specialty

1. Two Gun Silver Dollar, Donnie May, May/Lacer

2. Daytona 500, Travis Wiley, Don and Beverly Scalf

3. Dreams Dangerously, Clayton Davis, Shelby Wright

4. Gens Sharp Dressed Man, Jason Day, Alex Bumpus

5. The X Marks The Spot, Tyler Oliver, Paul and Diane Dehler

Class: Amateur Park Performance

1. She Likes Cash, David Bullock, David Bullock

2. Wickeds Whassup, Ashley Shelton, Jarrett Bradley

3. A Shot of Mark, Pam Floyd, Pam Floyd

4. Nor More Jazz, Evan Selby, Lola Selby

5. Direct Effect, Jared Scott, Judy Scott

Class: Country Pleasure Youth

1. GI Gis Halberd, Logan Hankins, Logan Hankins

2. My Lucky Dollar, Shelby Wright, Shelby Wright

3. Newbys Generating Color, Ashley Fritsch, Ashley Fritsch

4. Wicked Wolf, Shayla Robinson, Shayla Robinson

5. Pushers Logo, Delaney Reynolds, Delaney Reynolds

Class: Yearlings

1. Percs Last Prize, Billy Howard, Barney Shuffett

2. Doctor Gen, Shane Voiles, C L Kline Farms

3. Im Caroline Kennedy, Shane Virles, C L Kline Farms

4. A Cash In Command, Bobby Jacobs, Bobby and Nancy Jacbos

Class: 2-and-under Amateur Specialty

1. Tarheel Cash, Polly Ware, Tom and Polly Ware

2. Choice Cuts Bandit, Susie Carter, Carter/Parish

3. Elkhorns Bum Rap, J.T. Olds, Olds Farm

4. Silver Dollar Standard, Bonnie McCoy, Bonnie McCoy

5. A Sea Biscuit, Mona Vice, Stacey Terry

Class: Open 3-year-old

1. Cheyenne Bodie, Tyloer Oliver, Brenda Sebastian

2. Beautiful Ride, Ryan Owens, Beverly Scalf

3. Caspers Little Man, Billy Joe Hays, Charlie Albright

4. Remarkables Victory Ride, Walt Bruner, Caroline Sturgeon

5. Ponchos Clutch, Cliff Buckler, Chuck and Michelle Williams

Class: Lite Shod Plantation Pleasure Specialty

1. Beams Lightning, Russell Hatchett, Gwenn Howard

2. The Night Nurse, David Bullock, David Bullock

3. Pusher Shockin blue, Tracie Dunn, Holly Parish

4. Dancers Pushing Allannis, Glenda Kirkland, Glenda Kirkland

Class: Amateur 3-year-old

1. Lady Of Cash, Polly Ware, Tom and Polly Ware

2. Fear or No Fear, Becky Day, Austin Haas

3. Sweepstakes My My, Paige Smith, Conrad Long

Class: Country Pleasure 3-and-under

1. Gins Wise Guy, Jared Scott, Judy Scott

2. Gi Gis Crazy Legs, Teresa Creech, Teresa Creech

3. Night Wolf, Debbie Smothers, Debbie Smothers

4. Wicked Wolf, Brenda Highfield, Brenda Highfield

5. Caspers Dream Lady, Daniel Howad, Jenny Smith

Class: Amateur Specialty Novice

1. The Great Escalade, Katie Flannery, Adycen Williams

2. Contendo, Lib Wilson, Lib Wilson

3. Don't Touch My Hat, Corrine Shelbourne, Corrine Shelbourne

4. Guaranteed By Dollar, Cassie Sowder, Bill Sowder

5. Picture of Power, Tonya Abshear, Tonya Abshear

Class: Youth Plantation Pleasure Specialty

1. Ebonys Big Ticket, Maggie Mae White, Maggie Mae White

2. Generators Bright Star, Ashley Shelton, John Jackson

3. Whams Hard Cash, Hannah Milan, Austin Gillentine

4. A Red Ball Jet, Elaina Dobozowski, Herb Weiler

5. Boomerangs Threat, Alana Northern, Glenda Kirkland

Class: Youth 11-and-under

1. Smooth Skyes, Shelby Sims, Shelby Sims

2. Making Promises, Savannah McQuerry, Carter/Parish

3. Pusher Blue Magic, Makenzie Woods, Makenzie Woods

Class: Open Show Pleasure

1. Skywalks Black Gen, Cloia Collins, Cloia Collins

2. The Jose Quervo, Lindsay Oliver, Lynn Oliver

3. IM Caliente, Tina Moss, Tina Moss

4. A Sundrop Puhover, Mike Anasis, Bill Shannon

5. Gens Mr. King, Shane Mullins, Charlie Albright

Class: Plantation 4-and-under Specialty

1. Spirits Candy Man, Mike Anasis, Herb Weiler

2. I'm A Bombshell, Joe Heist, Joe Heist

3. Walkin Ms Nellie, Brian Doyle Kimberly Mesch

4. A Classical JFK, John Mucci, John Mucci

5. Whams Hard Cash, Hannah Milan, Austin Gillentine

Class: Open 2-year-old

1. Little Watzing Willie, Tyler Oliver, Lester Hensley

2. Yeah Now, Travis Wiley, Gloria Wiley

3. The Cotton Bowl, Jason Day, Dr. and Mrs. R. Rigual

Class: Youth 12-17 Specialty

1. IM Pushin, Adycen Williams, Adycen Williams

2. Bio Willey, Wesley Allen, Lonnie Allen

3. Hes Extraordinary, Emma Thompson, Emma Thompson

4. Pattys Prescription, Holly Parish, Holly Parish

5. Ponchos Little Princess, Ashli Nelson, Jimmy and Nancy Williams

Class: Park Performance Open Specialty

1. IM Money Hungry, Charles Tooley, Charles Shirley

2. Wicked Bourbon Street RR, Jordan Caudill, Dave and Laurie Johnson

3. Mystery Woman, Mike Anasis, Herb Weiler

4. Hes All Man, Shane Mullins, Charlie Albright

Class: Amateur Country Pleasure Specialty

1. Newbys Generating Color, Ashley Fritsch, Ashley Fritsch

2. Gi Gis Crazy Legs, Teresa Creech, Teresa Creech

3. Reflectors ET, Lindsay Oliver, Oliver/Sebastian

4. Night Wolf, Debbie Smothers, Debbie Smothers

5. Wild Expectations 7HF, Melissa Marcum, Gene Carswell

Class: AOT Specialty

1. Mister Blockbuster, JoAnne Zeller, Bishop/Winstead/Zeller

2. Slim Jim, Charles Swinford, Charles Swinford

3. Maggie May of Grassland, J.T. Olds, Olds Farm

Class: Amateur Ladies Specialty

1. An American Outlaw, Carol Akers, Akers/Sims

2. Ponchos Miss Clementine, Ashley Case, Ashley Case

3. 5th Avenue Pusher, Lisa Flannery, Adycen Williams

4. The Willhamina, Mona Vice, Mona Vice

5. Stargazers Lilly, Apryl McQueery, Bruner/Combs

Class: Amateur Plantation Pleasure Specialty

1. Wham, Austin Gillentine, Jim Gillentine

2. Shes A Remarkable Diva, Brandi Raizor, Jacob and Brandi Raizor

3. Cadys Silver Lining, Todd Woolridge, Johnson/Woolridge

4. Red Satin Doll, Kris Dunn, Kris Dunn

Class: Amateur (Canter)

1. Machos Swoosh, Jamie Wiley, Isabella Wiley

2. Willie High Score, J.T. Olds, Olds Farm

Class: Kentucky Horse Council Trail Pleasure

1. IM Clean & Sober, Melissa Marcum, Melissa Marcum

2. Best In Blue, Leslie Perry, Leslie Perry

3. A Officer And A Gentleman, Charlie Roach, Roach/Scott

4. Ebonys Prize, Jennifer Hudson, Judson/Howard

5. Avengers Sporty Land, Mona Vice, Shelby Richardson

Class: Open Plantation Specialty

1. Wham, Austin Gillentine, Jim Gillentine

2. Love Lies & Alibis, Travis Wiley, Gloria Wiley

3. Joses Tequila Sunrise, Jessica Smoot, Jessica Smoot

4. Tony The Tiger, Dale Steinmetz, The Steinmetz Family

Class: Walking Championship

1. Missed The Boat, Jason Day, Maddie Jones

2. Fudpucker, Travis Wiley, Robert and Gloria Wiley

3. A Midnight Touch, J.T. Olds, Olds Farm

4. Shanghai Ritz, Allen McQueery, Laurie Herchenroeder

5. Stone Cold Dangerous, Bill Carmichael, Bill Carmichael