No conspiracy

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By The Staff

In response to the letter 07-23-2008 by Yvonne Clark, concerning the passage of the Charles & Helen Crabtree Stables, Inc. request for a two acre minor subdivision plat, accusing the Planning & Zoning Board of conspiring to pass the minor subdivision plat because of power and influence is simply and plainly wrong and could not be further from the truth. On page 21 section 111 of the Zoning regulations Article II terms and definitions of the shelbypz.com web site are and I quote...."Minor Subdivisions: The subdivision of land into two (2)lots, with a minimum of two (2) acres per lot with a minimum of 250 feet of road frontage per lot which must have a minimum residual tract of fifteen (15)acres with a minimum of 100 feet of road frontage, which does not require the construction, improvement, widening of streets or other major construction of utility lines and other public services singularly or in combination of any of the above. The original parcel would be the status as existed as of November 15, 1961. Minor boundary adjustments for consolidation purposes only and not for building development are exempted from subdivision determination. Subdivisions in Agricultural Districts with three (3) or more lots of less than five (5) acres shall not be approved without first obtaining a zone change

from Agricultural to Residential."

The regulation Ms. Clark was referring to is on page 46 section 652 subsection 4 of article VI establishment of zones.....Development Standards) Minimum lot area: 5 acres (Exception Per KRS 100:111 22 One (1) tract that would be the first division from a farm since 1961, a minimum two (2) acres, 200 feet of road frontage and meet the 4 to 1 ratio shall not require plat approval.) The waters here are not crystal clear. This is simply a interpretation disagreement between the staff and the board at Planning and Zoning pure and simple. There's no conspiracy here. The board has passed other two-acre divisions without regard to power or influence, some of them under chairman Tucker. However these somewhat different definitions should be reconciled so that we no longer have half truths and accusations run up the flag pole and saluted as gospel.

Todd Brown,