New zoning maps to get public hearing

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By Scotty McDaniel

A public hearing will be held at the Triple S Planning And Zoning Commission meeting, Tuesday, March 18 in regards to the adoption of new Geographic Information System zoning maps to replace the commission's old paper maps.

Michael L. Firkins, a planner with the Triple S Planning Commission, said the current paper zoning maps are old and can be hard to read.

"They're the original from when they were adopted," Firkins said.

Firkins said he took over the project of updating the maps when he started working for the commission in 2006.

The new GIS maps use computer software to manage geographical and zoning data, making it easier to organize. He said unlike the old paper maps, GIS maps have parcel information on them.

"No zoning is changed on the new maps," he said. "They'll just look better and be easier to read."

If the hearing goes well, he said the next step would be to bring the GIS maps before the governing bodies of Shelby County, Shelbyville and Simpsonville for them to decide if they want to adopt the new maps.

Also on the Triple S agenda are:

* An agricultural division of 13.8 acres at 191 Mudd Road.

* An agricultural division of 43 acres at 4909 Webb Road.

* An extension of a preliminary plat in the 1400 block of Benson Pike.