New York-based company purchases Ken Towery

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After opening its first store in Shelbyville in October, Ken Towery’s Tire & AutoCare is already undergoing a major change.

The company has been purchased by Rochester, N.Y.-based Monro Muffler Break, and the sale was expected be completed this week.

But Shelbyville store manager Jeremy Lyles said customers of Shelbyville’s newest auto care center shouldn’t notice a thing.

“No, pretty much everything will be the same,” said Jermey Lyles, the store manager in Shelbyville. “Everything is the same. The same guys in our local corporate office and the same guys in the stores.”

He also added that Monro Muffler does not plan to rebrand the stores, instead keeping them under the same Ken Towery name. Ken Towery has 27 stores, with 24 in Kentucky and three in Southern Indiana.

It also has been reported that there are no plans to close any stores, and the planned expansion of additional stores in the Louisville and Lexington stores will continue.

Monro, which opened its first store in 1966 after ending an affiliation as a Midas Muffler franchise, now has 950 stores in 20 states and also has recently branched out into Ohio and Indiana, but the addition of Ken Towery will be its first foray into Kentucky.

Monro Muffler also operates the Mr. Tire Autotire, Tread Quarters Discount Tire, Tire Warehouse, Autotire Car Care Center and several locations within BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Monro has been a very aggressive company, acquiring several other similar companies over past decade, including 17 stores in Wisconsin and South Carolina this year, and just this month the company purchased companies in Ohio and North Carolina.

The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ market under the symbol MNRO and currently trades at $34.28 per share.