New video store on Triple S agenda

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By Scotty McDaniel

When the Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission meet again at the Stratton Community Center on August 19, commission members will address plans for a new video store in Shelbyville.

The development plan with sign waivers is for a Family Video at 1729 and 1733 Midland Trail. The plan is for a 6,000 sq. ft. video store as well as two lease spaces with a total of 3,590 sq. ft.

A white building currently sits on the location, which is located beside Carol & Co. Fine Jewelry and across from American Founders Bank.

The first sign waiver request is for two fascia signs at a combined 80.6 sq. ft. (30.6 sq. ft. waiver). The second sign waiver request is for a fascia sign of 40 sq. ft. (5.7 sq. ft. waiver). The third sign waiver request is for a free standing sign 15 ft. from the property line (10 ft. waiver).

Also on the agenda are:

* A public hearing regarding a 300-foot tall self-support telecommunication tower at 6582 Cropper Rd. with opportunities for three collocations. Further details are not available, as the file is closed until the meeting.

* A development plan for Shelby Veterinary Clinic at 2474 Shelbyville Rd, for a 2272 sq. ft. addition to the existing building.

* An agricultural division of 10 acres at 3871 Shelbyville Rd.

* A Simpsonville "Small Area Study" request.