New housing OKd next to Collins High School

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95-home Catalpagreen could get under way early in 2010

By Lisa King

Triple S Planning & Zoning Commission gave its preliminary approval Tuesday for a new housing development on Discovery Boulevard, next to the new Martha Layne Collins High School.

This 53-acre tract, to be called Catalpagreen, would consist of 95 lots for single-family homes and include more than 20 acres of open space.

The property is owned by WAZE Development Company, LLC, of Louisville and is the first phase of is portion of the Arlington-Ardmore development project, which encompasses 440 acres.

This project is planned for the east side of Discovery Boulevard, across from Martha Layne Collins High School, which is under construction and will open in just more than a year.

Kerry Magan, a consulting engineer from Shelbyville who made the presentation to the commission, said that a traffic study was done and submitted to Triple S, which had been concerned about the impact of increased traffic in the area of the school.

"A traffic study was done for the planning commission during the zone change back at the first of this year, and the conclusion of the study was that traffic will perform in an acceptable level," Magan said.

He added that according to its agreement with the school board WAZE is required to connect the community's three-lane roadway to Midland Industrial Road, just north of the area.

"So there will be at least one alternate way out of the property and then also an alternate way out going through to Ardmore Lane," he said.

Magan said that Ryan Libke, executive director of the planning commission, had suggested that maybe the road wouldn't have to be three lanes all the way through, because he wanted to discourage the public from using it as a main thoroughfare.

WAZE, which is working with building partner Canfield Development, received preliminary zoning approval on its larger piece of land about a year and a half ago, but there were some lawsuits that delayed the process.

Magan said that permits, approvals and site work would continue through the winter and that construction hopefully would begin sometime early next year.

  Details of Catalpagreen

Catalpagreen would contain four types of homes: patio homes, condominiums, three-bedroom single-family homes and some smaller homes that would be "maintenance-free."

Those latter homes would be about 1,100 to 1,300 square feet and would be targeted for people of retirement age "who want a house but don't want to do their own mowing," Magan said.

Those homeowners would pay a condominium fee to the development's homeowners association to take care of landscaping.

Magan told the commission that Catalpagreen's open space would contain two lakes surrounded by native grass and vegetation.

The area around the lake would be built up and surrounded by rocks so residents could walk right up to the water. He said there would be walkways and a natural retention basin filled with organic matter and sand so that storm water would soak into the ground.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, two Ardmore Lane residents voiced concerns about weeds and mosquitoes in the vicinity of the lake.

Magan suggested that the homeowners association could treat the lake with pesticides.

"Or maybe some predators will come in after the wildlife habitat is developed," he said.

That is, mosquito predators, he meant.   In other business

EDWARDS' OFFICE: The commission also approved a development plan for Edwards Moving & Rigging on Everett Hall Road just off Ky. 55.

The company plans to build a 6,400 square-foot, two-story office building with 33 parking spaces. Mark Wright, a Louisville-based land designer representing the company, asked the planning commission for a waiver to allow gravel to be used instead of asphalt in areas where large trucks would be traveling, excluding the area around the office building.

"The large trucks used by Edwards would destroy asphalt," he said.

Libke was concerned that gravel may present an esthetic problem, but Wright said landscaping and fencing would solve that problem.

Neighboring residents, including Dave Easley, are worried that a lot of dust would be caused by trucks traveling back and forth over gravel, but Mark Edwards said that his engineers had assured him that dust would not be a problem.

EATON: The commission also approved  a development plan for the Eaton Data Center on Kingbrook Parkway.

The company plans to build a 105,000-square-foot office/warehouse building with 10,500 square feet for office space and 94,000 square feet for warehouse space. Its officials also requested a waiver to reduce the amount of parking spaces from 51 to 30.

The single-story facility, which will provide about 10 new jobs, would be done in earth tones  and will have a landscaping berm around it to provide security, screening and landscaping. A 30,000-gallon diesel tank would be located in the back of the facility for use by emergency generators in case of a power failure.

JEWELRY STORE EXPANSION: The commission also approved a development plan for Cesar Master Jewelers on Midland Trail, to allow the shop to expand its showroom an additional 345 feet and add nine more parking spaces.

   Subdivision plats approved  

• Catalpagreen: preliminary plat, Ardmore Lane, 53.37 acres

• Fairway Crossing: final plat, Abingdon Lane, Section 4, 8.542 acres

• Reynolds Way Divided: agricultural plat, Hempridge Road, 67.45 acres

• Lawson Farm Divided: agricultural plat, Hempridge Road, 208.03 acres

• Kenneth & Victoria Mitchell Farm: division plat, Frankfort Road, 20.551 acres

• Stone Ridge Farm Divided: agricultural division, Fields Lane, 17.42 acres