The new Goody’s opens its doors

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Familiar store reveals new look, better product

By Scotty McDaniel

It’s back and bigger than ever. And so was the line to get in.


After a brief absence from Shelbyville, Goody’s had its grand re-opening in Village Plaza on Thursday morning, and the threat of rain could do little to sway the horde of eager shoppers from attending.

“I’d wish you the best of success, but it looks like the entire community is out to wish you all the best of success,” Shelby County Judge-Executive Rob Rothenburger said to Goody’s staff and management before the ribbon cutting.

Once the ceremony was out of the way, the doors opened and an awaiting line of more than 100 shoppers poured inside to check out what was new about the familiar name.

Half an hour into it, store manager Maria Dunne said the opening was going very well, and she summed up the difference between this Goody’s and the previous store in brief.

“We have a better product, more variety, better quality,” she said.

Shoppers who entered were greeted by staff handing out coupons, Goody’s credit card information and club discount card details for those over the age of 50.

Kathy Wintek of Frankfort was off from work, so she spent the morning pushing a cart containing her granddaughter Alli through the busy aisles – Kathy stopping to check out the discounted clothes and Alli pointing out anything that was pink.

“We were excited to come out today. I like Goody’s. The pants fit good. It’s hard to find clothes that fit,” Kathy said. “And I was amazed with the clearance.”

Linda Davis said she stood in line for around 15 minutes before the doors were opened. She guessed she was somewhere around 100 people into it, because she got one of the free gift bags given to the first 150 to enter.

She had shopped at the previous Goody’s, and she said she immediately noticed the differences in the new store.

“I see that the merchandise is better. It looks as if they have nice clearance sales,” she said, standing near an 80-percent-off rack. “A woman loves sales.”

The checkouts were put to the test Thursday. Lines quickly formed around the store, some filled with people wanting to sign up for credit cards and others with people ready to pay for their items.

Though the store was extra-packed Thursday, Davis said she thought the new layout of the checkout lines would make the process move along faster on a normal shopping day.

“I’m seeing the checkout is much better. You won’t have to wait in line. I think the locations are much better for the checkout,” she said.

The previous Goody’s store left this storefront in Village Plaza earlier this year when the company went out of business.

Stage Stores, Inc. came in to lease the vacated building, and there were plans to open a Peebles store in the 22,500-square-foot space.

However, Stage obtained the Goody’s chain in July and decided the name was already familiar in Shelbvyille, so the new store would use it.