New dish guidelines adopted by Shelbyville

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Already installed dishes grandfathered

By Scotty McDaniel

Taking the recommendation of the Triple S Planning Commission, the Shelbyville City Council approved Thursday the final reading of a text amendment to its satellite dish guidelines.

The regulation breaks satellite dishes into two categories: dishes greater than one meter in diameter and dishes smaller than one meter in diameter.

For dishes greater than one meter in diameter, there are several updates.

A conditional-use permit is now required. The application fee for the permit is determined by the Board of Adjustments and Appeals fee schedule. A zoning permit is required with a fee determined by the Triple S Planning Commission fee schedule.

Dishes must still be in the rear yard only, not on top of any structure, and they must be 25 feet from property lines. All wiring must be placed in a conduit, and the dish cannot exceed 12 feet.

Separate regulations have been created for dishes smaller than one meter in diameter.

A dish smaller than one meter can't be on the front, side or rear of any structure facing a public street on lots less than five acres, nor can it be on the front façade or roof line facing the public street.

The dish must be installed in the side or rear yard unless, as the FCC stipulation states, the placement delays or prevents installation, maintenance or use, or will give an unacceptable signal quality.

In those instances, a signed and notarized affidavit from the service provider must be provided to the Administrative Official, stating the reasons why the device can't be installed in the side or rear yard.

Dishes placed before this ordinance was enacted are grandfathered in and will not be in violation.

Councilmember Alan Matthews also brought up the idea of getting rid of grandfathered dishes in yards, if such dishes were not working for a long period of time. It was decided that a separate ordinance would have to be created for such a nuisance, and it would be a matter for code enforcement, not zoning.

Also at the meeting, the council:

* Approved the city’s 2007-2008 audit.

* Approved a municipal order adopting a specific map exhibit clarifying the description of three separate properties annexed years ago: The right of way situated at the intersection of LaGrange Road and Brentwood Drive, at the intersection of the north right of way of Shelbyville Road and the west right of way of Peachtree Street, a portion of right of way situated 480 feet south of the intersection of Old Mount Eden Road and Old Seven-Mile Pike on the west side of the road centerline. The Secretary of State has a mapping system for all cities. They’ve now started squaring up their maps with what the city records show, and these were three maps that did not meet their standards in Shelbyville.

* Approved a resolution supporting the Kentucky Retirement Systems Board of Trustees’ administrative changes that would extend the phase-in period for reaching the actuarially required contribution to a 10-year period instead of a five-year time frame for employers participating in the County Employees Retirement System.

The council’s next scheduled meeting is Feb. 5.