New business: Your Shelbyville Dental Home

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By The Staff

Address: 30 Stonecrest Court, Shelbyville

Who we are: Gary Griffin, DMD, has been a general dentist for more than 25 years of teaching, lecturing and mentoring other dentists and their staffs in just about  every major city in the U.S. and abroad. He has extensive experience with the use of lasers in dentistry. He graduated from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 1985 and has certificates from the University of Kentucky, UCLA, the University of California at San Francisco, New York University and the Albert Einstein Medical College in New York.  He has practiced at Baptist Hospital East for more than 19 years and has for the past 15 years been with the St. Matthews Dental Care Group. He has performed thousands of dental whitening  procedures and placed thousands of crowns, bridges and veneers and is an experienced “invisalign” provider. His primary assistant, Laura Wiseman is my primary assistant, has more than 16 years of advanced training in laser, aesthetic and  reconstructive dentistry. 

What we do: Dr. Griffin and his staff do not tell anyone “what” patients should do...rather, they believe in both “guest and doctor” coming to a mutual agreement about the type,  course and desired results of any treatment. Most of those who visit the office will have one or all three of these concerns: 1) history of bad dental experiences, being patched up instead of a plan to get somewhere; 2) have been along time – five, 10, 15 years or longer – since their last dental visit; or 3) aesthetic concerns due to lost/missing teeth. There is no charge for the initial diagnostic visit. That visit includes all necessary x-rays, screenings for gum disease, cavities  and oral cancer. There are also photos so that guests can see what exactly is going on with their dental health. All fees are in writing before any treatment is delivered. There are payment plans for almost any budget. 

What we say: “We are all about relationships,” Griffin said. “In our practice you are not a patient but a guest in our dental home, and we treat you as such. When you call the office and the phone is answered, ‘Thank you for calling Your  Shelbyville Dental Home,” we mean it. We want our dental home to be  your happy dental home. Your time is important and respected by us. You will be seen by the doctor for all visits. I take care of all hygiene cleanings and all other  dental techniques. It’s all about personalized service ..we do not  double book, and you are always seen by the doctor. “We are really excited about moving the practice to Shelbyville. We are bringing three really good-paying jobs to the tax base here, and the  restaurants, antique shops and other service businesses  may  also benefit from the 200 or so guests from St. Matthews who have made  their decisions to follow us to Shelbyville.”

Other stuff: The office smells like chocolate chip cookies because  the staff bakes them fresh several times a day along with hot coffee. There are iPods, blankets and pillows for  comfort

Phone: 502-437-5800

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Friday; 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday

E-mail: info@dentalhome.info

Web address:  www.dentalhome.info