New business: Shelby Power and Fitness, LLC

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Address: 320 Main St., Shelbyville

Who we are:  The owner, Kyle Stephens, is a USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach. In addition to training and coaching adults of all fitness levels, he has coached a variety of athletes in various sports, including being an assistant coach who coordinated strength and conditioning to a high school wrestling team with a top 10 state finish and most recently as the head coach of a special Olympic softball team that earned second place in its category of the 2012 Kentucky State Special Olympic softball tournament. Stephens qualified for the USAW nationals as a collegiate weightlifter.

What we do: Shelby Power and Fitness specializes in high-intensity but short-duration workouts, which are highly varied. Workouts include movements that use kettlebells, rowing machines, suspension trainers, Olympic movements, medicine balls and speed and agility training devices in combinations that allow for maximum effort over short durations. These workouts allow for drastic increases in caloric usage, lean mass, energy, maximum oxygen uptake and aerobic capacity, as well as all other major aspects of health and fitness. Shelby Power and Fitness also works with individuals to develop their own workout plans as well as organizing and coaching youth weightlifting teams that focus on proper technique and drastic athletic improvements that will easily transfer to other sports.

What we say: “The workouts are not just different,” Stephens said. “They are better and will help you meet and exceed your fitness, athletic and fat-loss goals.”

Other stuff: Workouts are posted every evening on Facebook at the Shelby Power and Fitness page. Membership fees are $35 a month, with no contract required.

Phone: 502-232-0517

Hours: The gym is open between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. and accessible with a swipe card. Tours, membership setup and training are available by appointment.

Web address: Information is available atShelby Power and Fitness on Facebook, and messages left on this site will get a quick response.

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