New Business: Shelby Christian Cab

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Address: 515 Brown Ave., Shelbyville


Who we are:  Charles Ashby, long known for his ministry and operating sports leagues at Clay Street Baptist Church in Shelbyville, is the owner and operator of this new cab service for the community of Shelbyville. He decided to re-open the business that he once owned in 1993 after seeing the need for transportation within our community.


What we do: Shelby Christian Cab will provide transportation service for the community of Shelbyville. Fares start at $5.


What we say: “After being with the Marnell C. Morman Family Life Center for the past nine and a half years, I am now focusing my attentions on community service and outreach,” Ashby said. “I will be able to provide that through this cab business.:


Phone: 502-930-7284


Hours: 6 a.m.-9 p.m, Monday though Saturday. Closed Sunday. These hours are subject to change as the business grows.


E-mail: ShelbyChristianCab@hotmail.com


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