NEW BUSINESS: Mallory Farmstead

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Address: 115 Old Mount Eden Road, Shelbyville

Who we are: Alan, Rita, and Sarah Mallory have opened a vegetable/farm products business at their home in Shelbyville. Alan Mallory works in patient accounting with Signature Healthcare, Rita Mallory is a corporate representative and adjunct instructor for Mid-Continent University, and Sarah Mallory is a fashion and graphic designer in Nashville. Alan and Rita started their married life as farmers and took a 20-year break from the industry only to return in 2012.


What we do:The Mallories have a large garden and are in the process of producing all types of vegetables and fruits.  They also have 13 chickens, providing fresh country eggs, and are approved as a home-based processor, microprocessor and a Kentucky Proud member. They also sell produce, jams, pickles, salsa, pepper relish and pies at the Anderson County Farmer’s Market on KY 127 near Lawrenceburg.


What we say:“We produced our own vegetables and canned our own food for over thirty years and decided we would like to share our expertise and our fabulous products with the public,” Sarah Mallory said. “Kentucky provides a wonderful means for farmers to do this with training and guidelines from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.  We continue to have repeat customers for all of our products.  Canning is a lost art and we feel that is it something with which we have tremendous experience and can share with others sparing them the hard work.


Phone number: 502 432 7753


Hours:         5 p.m.-whenever,Sunday through Saturday.


E-mail:         malloryfarmstead@gmail.com


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