New Business: DX3 Tattoo-N-Piercin

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By Lisa King

 Staff photo by Lisa King


• Desiree Duffner works on a tattoo at DX3 Tattoo-N-Piercing on Robin Road.

• His wife is the tattoo artist, and Kevin Duffner is in charge of body piercing.


New business: DX3 Tattoo-N-Piercings



By Lisa King/Sentinel-News staff writer


Wearing a T-shirt bearing the words, "Get pricked by a Chick," Kevin "Duff" Duffner gestured toward his wife, Desiree, who was getting ready to do a tattoo.

"I let her prick me all the time. I've got more than 60 tattoos, and she's done most of them," he said, holding out colorful arms for inspection. "She's a true artist."

Desiree Duffner also lets her husband prick her, just not as often.

"I just have three piercings in each ear," she said.


WHO WE ARE: Desiree Duffner does both custom tattooing as well as classic designs. She has been a tattoo artist for 11 years and does a wide variety of designs, from simple to what she calls body portraits,

"That's her specialty, that and covering," Duff said, referring to the process of covering up a tattoo.

What she likes best about being a tattoo artist is that she gets to express her creativity, she said, recalling how she got into tattooing.

Kevin Duffner offers body piercing. He said he has pierced many body parts, including eyebrows, lips, noses, ears, belly buttons, and other body parts.

"The only thing I refuse to pierce is a tongue," he said. "That's because the tongue is very sensitive and has a lot of nerve endings, and if you don't do it right, you can cause all kinds of problems, like tongue paralysis and infections.

"I've done a lot of snake bites - that's a piercing on each side of the lip - and a lot of Marilyn Monroes," he said, pulling his upper lip out for inspection.

HOW WE GOT STARTED: "He used to watch me do wood burning [type of art], and he encouraged me to do this, and I really love it," Desiree Duffner said. "It's the best job in the world because I get to do what I love and make people happy at the same time."

She said the most unusual tattoo job she ever did was putting a rose on the inside of an ear.

"It turned out very well," she said, adding that another time she tattooed the image of a medical alert bracelet on a woman's wrist.

"That way, she never had to worry about forgetting to wear it," she said.

The Duffners agreed that a lot of "first-timers" come in nervous that the process is going to hurt.

"But when it's over, they all say, 'That wasn't so bad!'" Desiree said.

WHERE WE ARE LOCATED: DX3 Tattoos-N-Piercing is located at 1730 Robin Road in Shelbyville.

HOURS OF OPERATION: 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. everyday except Tuesday.

FIND OUT MORE: Check out the Duffners' Web site at www.myspace.com/dx3tattoos or call them at 655-1427 or 321-6950.