MY WORD: Moores, Pflughaupts deserve our admiration and thanks

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By Sam W. Chandler

It was my pleasure and honor to work with Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Moore as the chairman of the O. L. Moore Memorial Scholarship Committee for the last 19 years of its 25-year existence.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences in which I participated in my 43 years of educational work.

Following the end of the O. L. Moore Memorial Scholarship in 1994 at Shelby County High School, I was again honored to work with Mr. and Mrs. Gene Pflughaupt in writing the guidelines for the Eugene and Margery Ames Pflughaupt Scholarship along with chairing the scholarship committee for the first few years of its existence.

I coordinated both scholarships for approximately 25 years. Both Ed and Dorothy Moore and Gene and Margery Ames Pflughaupt are definitely Shelby County heroes, who deserve our gratitude and our thankfulness for their many years of support to the young people of Shelby County.  We’ll never know how many students strived to be a Moore or a Pflughaupt scholar and thus worked harder and smarter at their studies.  Many of these scholars were present at the Moore-Pflughaupt Tree Dedication at Shelby County High School on August 7.  May God bless you and know that we are proud of your success and we wish for you continued success in the years to come.

During these 25 years, I became well acquainted with the Moores and the Pflughaupts.  It would be most difficult to find anyone kinder and more professional than these 4 people.  They always wanted to make a difference in a young person’s life, while establishing a relationship with the scholars that made a significant impact on the lives of those who received these scholarships.  They not only were givers of a scholarship, but they gave of themselves to stay in touch and arrange for times to fellowship and let the recipients know that it was more than about the money, yes it was much much more.  These wonderful people cared about the individuals and this was reflected in the communications that took place after the scholarships were awarded.  Most scholarships do not bring that kind of a lasting relationship with it, but the Moores and the Pflughaupts made sure that these young people really felt supported in many ways.  In my opinion, the money represented a small part of what the scholarship was all about.  I can’t imagine Shelby County not continuing something that has been so special for so many years.  One recipient told me several years ago, “This scholarship not only made it possible for me to attend the college of my choice, but it gave me the confidence that I really could be successful in my chosen career.  The support I received from the donors of this scholarship has been unbelievable and I shall never forget the things they did for me aside from the money”.  I, for one, cannot imagine not having a scholarship of this stature in the future.

I regret that I could not be present at the Tree Dedication on Aug. 7 at Shelby County High School, to see those who attended this special ceremony, but an annual granddaughters’ vacation had been scheduled since March. and plans could not be changed. 

Our four granddaughters look forward to this every summer, as do Charlotte and I.  We are in northern Wisconsin, hopefully experiencing some cooler weather for a few days.  Again, I apologize for not being able to be present. 

As many of you are, I too am saddened that these scholarships have come to an end with the final Pflughaupt scholarship presented at the Shelby County High School Awards Program this year.

After 42 years, we have no large annual scholarship to be given to a deserving student at Shelby County High School and Martha Layne Collins High School. I am concerned that students will no longer have the desire to strive to be a Moore or Pflughaupt Scholar. My hope and prayer is that someone or a group of individuals will step forward at some point and establish a new scholarship that can carry on what Mr. and Mrs. Moore and Mr. and Mrs Pflughaupt have so generouslymade possible during the past 42 years.  If that is possible, I would be willing to work with anyone who is interested in establishing a new scholarship that could assist Shelby County students in the years to come. Please get in touch with me if there is an interest and we will carry the Moore-Pflughaupt tradition into the future for the betterment of our students and our community. 

May God bless each of you and again, a big thanks to the late Ed Moore and Dorothy Moore, Gene Pflughaupt and Margery Ames Pflughaupt.  Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful endeavor.  The late Ed Moore and Dorothy Moore, Gene Pflughaupt, and Margery Ames Pflughaupt are true Shelby County heroes.  Will someone else attempt to continue this tradition?


Sam W. Chandler was principal of Shelby County High School 1976-1988. He lives in Shelbyville.