MY WORD: Let's get our government's attention

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By David Weinberg

Could someone please explain to me what is going on in this country? America has got it backwards. It is not the people who offer only their opinion and sit behind a desk and make decisions that make this country great. It is the people who have produced everything you see and use that make this country great.
Where would these desk people be, if they didn’t have a office? If real workers hadn’t built their fancy office building, they would sit in a field. How would the desk people get to work if real workers did not build them a road, a car, a bus, a railroad or a plane? What makes people who only offer their opinion worth more pay than people who go to work everyday and literally put their bodies through hell for 8 to 12 hours a day?
America has the hardest-working, most-productive workers in the world and what do they get as their reward? They get to live paycheck to paycheck, praying they don’t get sick.
If they do miss a day’s pay, they have to use their vacation time to make it up, (if they are lucky enough to get vacation pay) so they can pay their bills and feed and cloth their families.
Health care is now a dream for most workers, even if their employer covers the worker, the worker cannot afford to have the money taken out of his check to insure his family.
I recently asked a local utility worker about his medical insurance. He said to afford insurance for his family, he has to cut grass after work in the summertime and push snow in the wintertime. This is a man who risks his life everyday at work. This is a crime. I doubt the decision-makers have the same problem.
We listen to politicians tell us we make too much money and our benefits cost too much. Businesses and states can’t afford it. When was the last time you heard of a CEO or a politician taking a pay cut or a cut in their benefits? No, their pay keeps going up, and their bank accounts keep growing.
They keep telling us that “we have to share the pain” in these bad times that CEO’s and politicians created. I haven’t seen their pain, only record profits, year after year.
Our leaders keep telling us we can’t raise taxes to help solve this problem, because if we raise taxes it will hurt job creation. That is a croc of stuff like most of the words that come out of their mouths. If keeping taxes low helps create jobs, where have the jobs been the last 10 years when taxes have been lower than they have ever been?
Everything our government tells us is for the benefit of Big Business, not you and I – you and I without whom this country would be nothing.
What is the answer to this problem? A good place to start would be to vote out all incumbent politicians, Democrat and Republican. They are the ones who allowed this to happen to us for the sole purpose of their own greed.
Put term limits on all federal politicians to help limit their control by cooperate lobbyists. The American worker needs some vehicle to speak for all.
Are unions the answer? I don’t think so. We tried that. They got to be just as corrupt as our government.
No, maybe it is time for the workers to get out in the streets. Ever been to a demonstration? Try one, you’ll find they are very exhilarating.
The only thing that big business fears is for us to come knocking on their doors demanding fair treatment. Our time is running out. Please take the time to secure our children’s future. Speak out!

David Weinberg lives in Shelbyville.