MY WORD: Fairness Ordinance would be unfair

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After reading Pastor [Dave] Charlton’s column [The inevitability of a Fairness Ordinance, Aug. 15 in the Faith section] it appears many Christians would disagree with the Pastor.

While we agree that no citizen of this nation should be discriminated against for their lifestyles, in most situations, this ordinance or law would bring many other factors into being that is unfavorable.

Christians are required by scripture to discern evil and sin and avoid contact or practice therein. The Pastor’s approach to this idea or push from LGBT [Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] organizations to the “fairness ordinance” convolutes the entire objection of many to what the LGBTs are attempting.

Also, this group has been successful in getting a law of similar content known as S.815, “The Employment Non-discrimination Act” through the Senate. However, the House will not pass it to receive the blessings of the President, because they see it as harmful as a law.

One can easily see such an ordinance or law would bring on an “unfairness effect” and has done so in many cases where this ordinance has been enacted.

This ordinance, should it be approved, could be utilized by any member of this group to gain a superior position in employment over heterosexual employees in promotions by using it as a threat. Because, if after applying for employment they are not selected over a heterosexual, they will alert their LGBT organizations and sue.

Even if they fail to win in judicial proceedings, they have their satisfaction in bankrupting their opponent or making them considerably poorer through attorney fees. This has a frightening effect on others and brings them around to the LGBT point of view. The ACLU has been using this tactic for years and has taken on many of the LGBT cases.

Most do not approach this problem from a discriminatory viewpoint but from reading of the experiences of certain cases that are presently in litigation or have proceeded from such laws.

In 2008, a judge in New Mexico affirmed a fine of $6,638 against a Christian couple who ran a photography business. The crime – declining to photograph a lesbian ceremony.

Recently, a Gresham, Ore., Christian couple who ran a bakery was investigated for not baking a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. After being harassed for months they closed their business in September 2013.

In California, businesses that decline to provide marital benefits to same-sex couples are denied state government contracts.

In Ohio, a black college administrator was fired in 2008 for writing an article on her own time that disagreed with the notion that race and sexual orientation are equivalent traits.

Do you Pastor Charlton call this “fairness?”

Nearly all agree we should not discriminate when life activities such as employment, renting living locations or other life events are concerned; but a law or ordinance of this nature can, will be, and has been utilized to upset and do just the opposite of what the LGBT organizations expect. It causes further discrimination toward their life-styles.

Fairness ordinances and laws like S. 815, which passed in the Senate, is an attempt by the LGBT to make marriages between same genders lawful in those states where it is presently not legal. Kentucky’s Constitution states marriage is between one man and one woman.

The natural family is fundamental to our very existence and is the Biblical concept of any Christian culture. To divert from that Christian philosophy is the death knell of a nation’s existence and destroys their population and their morality.


Eugene Maynard lives in Simpsonville.