MY WORD: A dangerous mix

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In one of his presentations to the [Shelbyville] City Council on the issue of prayer in government, Rich Lane warned of the slippery slope that always lurks nearby when religion and government mix.

The city council meeting on August 7th was an absolute prime example of Mr. Lane’s warning.

For those who were not in attendance at this meeting, I will summarize it this way: a perfectly logical proposal to extend civil rights already held by the majority of our population to a minority group of citizens was withheld and crushed by nothing more than fundamentalist religious bigotry.

The legal/social merits of the proposed Fairness Ordinance and the proper discussion of those merits were shouted down in a blatant attempt to use a civil position of authority to proselytize and dominate the discussion. This tactic essentially held the proposal in the bonds of religious intolerance rather than open it to the free arena of democracy and debate.

There were five city council members who lent their support to this very low moment in city government. [The council’s vote was to take no action on the proposed ordinance.]

One did not, and I would like to thank Shane Suttor for his courageous vote on the side of continuing the rational consideration of the Fairness Ordinance.


Linda Allewalt lives in Shelbyville