MY WORD: Chamber undergoing many changes

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By Gary L. Walls

A healthy business environment is a foundation for economic growth. Business provides the services and products consumers demand; and business creates the jobs people need. Business success fuels the tax base that allows government to provide the services citizens want. Business activity supports development of the quality of life we all want in the Shelby County Community.
Creating the kind of community where business can succeed and grow is hard work and takes considerable planning and implementation – and it is serious business for your Chamber of Commerce.

Your chamber’s mission is to be a champion of the free-enterprise system. Through our policies, activism, collaboration, negotiation and education, the Shelbyville-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce is the leading voice for business in the Shelby County area.

Every day, we act on your behalf to ensure that the Shelby County Community remains a great place to do business and live.

In 2012, we are implementing the use of a professional software package known as “Chamber Master,” which is used by numerous successful chambers across the nation and the potential it offers to our size community is tremendous.

It will improve communication, the organization of chamber business and provide innovative procedures to be an even greater advocate for our membership.

With the implementation of this program and an emphasis on membership recruitment and retention, the chamber will see significant change this year.

Change always brings new beginnings. Even planned or positive change still creates challenge on an organization as we deal with new approaches and ideas.

The professional staff of the chamber, Shelley Goodwin, executive director; Johnna Maier, administrative associate and Sandy Wilson, receptionist, have all stepped up to new levels of performance, which is positioning the chamber to continue to grow and thrive even in these uncertain economic times.

This coupled with a hard-working executive committee and strong board of directors will allow our membership to even further benefit from the daily activities of the chamber.


Gary L. Walls is president of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce.