More details emerge about attack at skate park.

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By Lisa King

Details continue to filter out of the altercation at the Shelbyville skate park on Sept. 13 that left at least one person injured, but charges expected to be filed in the incident remain pending.

Kelly Cresap, the court designated worker in Shelby County who is in charge of the case, said she cannot divulge any information on those charges because the parties involved are juveniles.

"I'm not allowed to give any type of comment regarding any type of juvenile case," she said.

Shelbyville Police Chief Robert Schutte said Friday that he expected charges to be filed sometime soon in the incident, which was a continuation of a confrontation among some of the same individuals at Shelby County High School on Sept. 9.

County Attorney Hart Megibben is reviewing the case.

The story first came to light last week when the mother of the one of the teenagers involved, Barbara Morgan, said her son or nephew - she gave conflicting accounts - was injured when he was struck in the head severely enough that he required medical care.

Many of the details are sketchy because authorities have not provided reports on the case, citing that those involved are juveniles, but one of the boys involved in the fight at the skate park came forward Tuesday to tell his story.

In an E-mail to The Sentinel News, Darius Baker said he "was threatened by one of the kids, so I walked up to him and asked him about what he was saying. He got smart, so that's when the altercation broke out."

Baker said the fight was one-on-one until some kids started screaming at Morgan's son to hit him in the back with his skateboard, which he did. Baker said he turned around to defend himself, and when he did, another kid tried to strike him.

"That's when my cousin ran in to help me from being jumped," he said. "As for the third kid who supposedly beat them, he didn't throw any punches. We left the skate park and went to my house."

Baker said a friend called him after he got home to tell him that one of the other kids involved had brought 15 or 20 kids to Daniel Field, which is next to the skate park on Washington Street.

"Well, I called some of my friends just in case they tried to jump me and my cousin, the skateboards went back to the skate park, and as I was walking onto Daniel Field to see what they were doing, a bystander called the cops," he said.

Sources familiar with the situation have told The Sentinel-News that the incident at the school and the skate park had escalated from an incident that began at the Shelby County Fair in June.

Barbara Morgan said that some boys got into an argument and were asked to leave the fairgrounds. And another source told the newspaper on Monday that the incident at the fair became more complicated when Kim Taylor, the mother of one of the boys, got involved.

According to police records, Taylor was arrested June 30 on Smithfield Road at 9:40 p.m. and charged with disorderly conduct. The report says that officers were dispatched to the scene of a fight involving several people.

Taylor was arrested after telling the officer to shut up. She has not returned calls from The Sentinel-News.

Following the incident at the high school, a juvenile was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault on another juvenile, Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong said.

Superintendent  James Neihof said that the individuals involved in the fight at school had been disciplined in accordance with school policy.