Montell picks up three endorsements

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By Walt Reichert

State Rep. Brad Montell announced three endorsements Tuesday that he said, "represent the cornerstone endorsements that are key to my campaign."

He announced he has been endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life, the National Rifle Association and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.

"These endorsements are central to my message," Montell said.

Montell, a Republican, is running for a fourth term as state representative for the 58th House district, which covers Shelby and Spencer counties. His challenger is Democrat Bill Young. Montell defeated Young two years ago.

Montell has been endorsed four times by Right to Life. He said he will continue to fight to "restore legal protection to members of the human family."

He also said as a small business owner he was "honored to receive the endorsement of the state's chamber of commerce."

Montell's endorsement by the National Rifle Association follows his support of legislation creating a non-partisan Kentucky Legislative Sportsmen's Caucus, which works to support wildlife conservation efforts and press for hunters' and sportsmen's rights.

State Rep. Robin Webb, D-Carter County, joined Montell in sponsoring the legislation founding the caucus.

Montell was joined at the press conference by two locals representing two of the endorsing agencies -- the NRA and the chamber of commerce.

Joe Bland, past national board member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, said Montell has been in the forefront in supporting Second Amendment rights in Frankfort. Those rights, he said, are under assault by anti-hunting groups and animal- rights activists.

"Without hunting there will be no conservation, and without conservation, history shows there will be no wildlife," Bland said.

Mike Tracy, owner of Tracy's appliance store downtown, also boosted Montell's candidacy.

"I've been associated with Brad in many aspects of running a small business, and Brad speaks out for the things we need in small business," Tracy said.

Neither Bland nor Tracy said there were any legislative measures on the immediate horizon that would affect either of their organizations.

Montell also said there are no "front and center" measures that the organizations will be watching when the General Assembly convenes in January.

Young, Montell's opponent, said he had no comment on the endorsements.