Montell concerned about pensions, economy

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By Lisa King

Incumbent Brad Montell is once again facing Democratic challenger Bill Young this November.

Montell is financial advisor and broker at his company, W. Brad Montell Investments.

“I think the state is facing several major challenges, and obviously there are always challenges in state government, but right now the number one challenge we must address is the state pension systems,” he said.

“The problem we're having with our pensions is not unlike other states--and health insurance, and that cost also plays a role. And we have had a special session where we started carving away at that issue but we've got a lot more work to do, so that's probably front and center on the agenda.”

In addition to the pension crisis, Montell says he wants to also concentrate on the state's revenue shortfall.

“As the economy continues to struggle, revenues are down in state government, and again, this is something we're seeing across the country,” he said.

“We're trying to determine the best way to proceed and to fund our programs to increase revenue, or to continue to pare away at our existing programs and the existing budget levels so that we can live within our means, and that's the rub right now. Which is it going to be? Do we raise taxes in the face of a down economy, or do we cut our spending? And it's never easy to cut spending in government because there's always some pain involved. And I think those are the two primary issues that face us immediately.”

Montell holds a bachelor's and master's degree from Western Kentucky University. His memberships include the National Federation of Independent Business, Shelby Economic Development Council (chairman 1994-95), Shelbyville-Shelby County Chamber of Commerce (president 1993), Shelbyville Kiwanis Club (director), and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

He is on the following interim committees:

• Agriculture and Natural Resources

• Economic Development and Tourism

• Economic Development Task Force

• Horse Farming

• Local Government

Session Committees

• Agriculture and Small Business

• Economic Development

• Local government

Statutory Committees

• Government Contract Review Committee