Men's Health Fair this weekend

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By Bobbie Lanham

The 8th annual Men's Health Fair offers free and simple health screenings and laboratory tests for guys who sometimes don't take the time.

The health fair, 8 a.m.-noon Saturday at Jewish Hospital Shelbyville, is a one-stop health maintenance/diagnostic tool for the community.

"Men put off going to the doctor," JHS spokesperson Holly Husband said.

In previous years the hospital had paired an automobile show with the health fair. However, because attendees only wanted to access health tests and screenings, the auto show has been dropped from the Fair. This means less wait time for attendees.

"Men can come into the hospital, go through screenings and out the door," Husband said. They can even call the hospital to schedule a time to attend the health fair.

Shelby County Magistrate Tony Carriss, a prostate cancer survivor and vice-president of the Kentucky Prostate Cancer Coalition, suggested sons and daughters could encourage their fathers to attend the health fair as a celebration of upcoming Father's Day (June 21).

Carriss spearheaded the original health fair and continues to work with the hospital to organize the event.

"I really appreciate their [Jewish Hospital's] stepping up to the plate and saying 'We're part of this community,'" he said.

Tests offered are a blood-pressure screening, cholesterol test, glucose level, prostate exam, grip strength and body fat, conducted by local physicians who donate their time.

Drs. Ronald Waldridge II and Brooks Jackson will conduct colorectal exams, a common test for enlargement, growths or lumps of the prostate gland.

If a colonoscopy is suggested, the hospital will call the insurance company and have initial office visit waved before a colonoscopy. The actual colonoscopy would be done at a later date.

Lab tests offered are the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, glucose levels and a lipid panel. The PSA test can show abnormally high levels of proteins specific to the prostate gland, indicating possible problems.

Glucose levels in the blood can be indications for diabetes. The lipid panel will give cholesterol levels of "good" and "bad" cholesterols. Lab work results will be mailed to attendees.

Dr. Hieko Adams, a podiatrist, will do foot exams.

The hospital will also offer a sleep assessment consultation, grip strength, blood pressure test and tests for height/weight and body fat.

  Men's Health Fair When: Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon Where: Jewish Hospital Shelbyville

Appointments: To schedule a time for lab tests, call 647-4000

Cost: Free