Master Gardeners offer wares, advice

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By Beth Herrinton-Hodge

You can get annuals and perennials to enhance your home gardens from the county’s own Shelby County Master Gardeners this weekend.

The folks who bring the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market at the Shelby County Fairgrounds from April to October will host their Art and Garden Fair this Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the fairgrounds.

The event is free, but plants and other items will be for sale.

At this annual event, local gardeners and farmers bring produce and plants from their own gardens to sell to local residents. Instead of starting your plants from seed, seedlings and divided plants are available to purchase.

“We group our plants into sections according to ideal growing conditions,” said Carolyn Brenner, a member of the Master Gardeners. “Shade plants are in one section, partial sun, and full-sun plants are grouped in other sections. We offer flowering plants, ornamental plants, as well as home gardening favorites like tomatoes and peppers.”

There are also instructional flyers given out with plant purchases.

“This is our annual fundraising event, with proceeds going toward maintaining the Tim McClure Botanical Garden at the front of Clear Creek Park and other community gardening projects,” Master Gardener Jenny Pippin said.

“This is part of our group’s education and outreach to the community, to make gardening sites accessible to people who live in town. We also give tips to people on best ways to get their gardens started or to maintain their home gardens.”

Master Gardeners will be on-hand on Saturday to offer gardening advice. Local artists and crafts people also show their wares for purchase.

The farmers' market will have annuals and perennials for sale as well as some spring veggies, fresh eggs and crafts. Gallrein Farm, Mulberry Orchard and local CSA  farms (community supported agriculture) will also offer items for sale.


Art & Garden Fair

WHAT:Plants for sale, planting advice, arts and crafts

WHEN:9 a.m.-2 p.m., Saturday

WHERE:Shelby County Fairgrounds


ALSO:The Shelby County Farmers’ Market opens at 8 a.m.