Man charged in sex abuse of children

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Accused of sodomy and rape in Anderson, Shelby

By Lisa King

A man facing several charges of rape, sodomy and related offenses, lived for a brief time in Shelby County, where he allegedly raped a child under 12.

John Claude Martin, 47, of Versailles, is charged in Shelby County with second-degree rape and first-degree sexual abuse.

Martin’s case is currently in the Anderson County court system because of similar charges there.

He is out of jail on a $10,000 bond, and The Anderson News reported that Judge Charles Hickman recently complied with a request from Martin’s attorney to have his ankle bracelet replaced because it doesn’t work properly.

According to court records, one of Martin’s first victims, now 18, told Kentucky State Police Detective David Brennan that Martin raped her in a camper in Shelby County where he lived for a brief time in 2004 after having gotten out of jail for serving time for failure to pay child support.

The girl said she bled for days and was told by Martin to tell her mother, whom he was married to at the time, that she had started her period.

Court records state that the girl told doctors, who examined her later, that the sexual abuse started in Lawrenceburg when she was nine years old. It first consisted of touching, and then quickly escalated, she said, adding that Martin forced her to perform oral sex on him between 50 and 100 times. The sexual intercourse began at age 12 and continued until she was 16, when she moved to New York.

During those years, the family, which included five children, one of them Martin’s, lived mostly in Anderson County.

Martin was indicted last August in Anderson County with six counts of first-degree sexual abuse of victims under 12 years old, one count of second-degree sodomy; second and third-degree rape and third-degree sodomy for alleged abuses dating back to 2005 in Anderson County.

He was also indicted around the same time by a Shelby County Grand Jury on charges stemming from the 2004 incidents in the camper.

In Anderson County, he is accused of forcing a fifth and sixth-grader to perform sexual acts on each other hundreds of times, while plying them with shots of whiskey. When the boy tried to refuse, court records say the girl said Martin “smashed his head into the wall.”

The children told police he threatened them if they told on him.

Shelby County Assistant Commonwealth Attorney David Nutgrass  said that Martin is scheduled to go to trial in Anderson County in January. After that, a court date will be set in Shelby County to deal with local charges, he said.