MAGISTRATE: Hubert Pollett

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By Lisa King

Magistrate Hubert Pollett has filed to run for re-election in Shelby County's District 1.

Pollett, who was unopposed in the last magisterial election, is currently in his second term.

Pollett is a Shelby County native who retired last year as a coach and educator at Shelby County High School.

Pollett said his goals for his next term, should he be re-elected, are to continue to stay abreast of issues and concerns in his district, which is basically in the downtown area. District 1 also encompasses the Mack Walters Road area as well as Smithfield Road.

"Downtown is my focus and my district, and I am really excited about how well the stores and projects are going," he said.

Pollett added that he has also been appreciative of the way that the magistrates and the county judge executive have worked together for the good of the community.

"You could say that we agree to disagree, but I think with our ability to work together, we have done a great job for Shelby County, and I hope I will get a chance to continue to do that," he said.

Pollett and his wife, Elizabeth, have two daughters, Betsy Munoz and Sally Zaring, and four grandchildren, Hannah Munoz, Callaway Zaring, Ryan Munoz and Lawson Munoz.

Pollett, a democrat, said his reasons for running for magistrate for a third term have remained constant throughout his magisterial career.

"I just have the best interests of my community at heart," he said.