MAGISTRATE District 6: John C. Lewis

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By Lisa King

Democrat John C. Lewis of Bagdad has filled to run for Shelby County magistrate in District 4, a seat currently held by Cordy Armstrong.

Lewis, in his first race, said he was inspired to run for office by a desire for community involvement as well as out of a sense of admiration for his parents, Jack and Stella Lewis, who were politically oriented.

"Dad served both as a deputy sheriff and later as Shelby County Jailer, and mom was instrumental in the rise of the Shelby County Democratic Party in both local and state races," he said.

Lewis said he was influenced by his parents' views of the importance of community involvement.

"As both mom and dad expressed frequently, serving your community is an honor and privilege that should not be taken lightly, but the fulfillment of serving your community is most rewarding," he said.

Lewis also stated that through multiple community organizations with which he is associated, his experience and knowledge would be beneficial in meeting the community's needs.

The Shelby County 4th Magisterial District encompasses the Bagdad, Cropper, Jail Hill and Boone Station voting precincts.

All seven seats on Shelby County Fiscal Court will be elected in 2010. The primary is in May.