MAGISTRATE District 4: Jeff Carman

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By Lisa King

Jeff Carman, a Republican, is running for magistrate in District 7.

A Finchville resident, Carman is a profitability and growth consultant.

"I help companies increase their profitability by reducing expenses and grow by developing new revenue streams and implementing performance management guidelines," he said.

Taylor, a 1991 Asbury College graduate, said he is running for magistrate because he wants to use his 18-plus years in the business sector to ensure that funding the growth that continues to come to Shelby County isn't the responsibility of the residents.

"Providing excellent county services while preserving the country living we enjoy are top priorities, which include prudent fiscal stewardship, forward thinking and being mindful of the impact on current residents," he said. "Shelby County's people and proximity should be attractive to any prospective business and we need to continue to sell Shelby to any and all companies to bring higher paying jobs to the county."

This is Carman’s first political race. He is a native of Oldham County.

He has his wife, Donna, and son, Jeffrey, 11, have lived in Shelby County for six years.