Long John Silver’s wants a bigger boat

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By Todd Martin

The Triple S Planning and Zoning Commission will see quite an increase on the agenda at Tuesday’s meeting.


After two meetings with one or two item agendas, the commission will hear six subdivision plats and one development plan along with two bond releases.


Executive Director Ryan Libke said he’s not sure why the increase this month.


“It just comes in spurts,” he said. “I’m sure every person on there has a different reason on why they’re coming in now.”


The biggest item on the agenda is the request from Long John Silver’s on Midland Trail.


Owners of the seafood fast-food restaurant would like to tear down their building and rebuild from scratch to add a drive-through window.


Manager Tommilyn Moore said the project could be under way as early as next month.


“Our supervisor has a meeting on the 20th, but he’s telling me it will probably start in August [if approved],” she said. “They want to add a drive though and, plus, the building is kind of old.”


Moore guessed that the restaurant could be closed two to three months, but no official word has been released yet.


“We’ll know a lot more after that meeting on the 20th,” she said.


Libke said the new proposal has the store a little closer to the road to even the site-line with the gas stations on either side.


The waiver the store is requesting has to do with the setback from the road and along the drive-through.


“Between the drive-through window and the property line there should be 8 feet for some landscaping,” he said. “But because that property is so tight, there’s no room for that. However, there’s no landscaping there right now, either.”


The store would add some landscaping in the back near where the Dumpster would sit  and some islands of landscaping in the parking lot and out front.


“I would think it would pass,” Libke said. “I’ve seen some pictures and the sight plan, and it looks pretty nice.”


Moore agreed.


“I’ve seen the plans, and it looks really nice,” she said. “I’m excited for it.”




Meadow Glen


Jagoe Homes has submitted the final plat for the Meadow Glen subdivision on Mount Eden Road, just southeast of I-64.


The plan calls for 17 more lots on the final 7.3 acres. It will encompass one more cul-de-sac.


“That’s the last piece for that subdivision, and compared to what we’ve seen over the last year or two, it’s good to see someone is progressing,” Libke said.


The additional 17 homes will bring the neighborhood’s total to 78, two less than the originally planned 80.




The commission will also hear:


•    Farm divisions on Dover Road, Flood Road, Hebron Road, Webb Road and Cat Ridge Road.


•    Bond releases for Cloverbrook Farms Phase 1, Section 2 and North Country Section 4, Phase 2.