Local church members to go to Haiti

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By Lisa King

Members of two local churches have plans to journey to Haiti to aid local relief efforts there.

Bob Perkins, director of security for the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, said that teams from the Seminary consist of several members throughout the state, as part of the Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief. The first team includes Coy Webb, pastor of Clay Village Baptist Church, who left for Haiti Monday night. Perkins, who is a member of Simpsonville Baptist Church, along with another church member there, Randal Childers,  are with another Seminary team that is currently on standby and expects to journey to the devastated area within two weeks.

Perkins said the delay is due to the fact that before the next team can go, arrangements have to be made for the team’s living accommodations.

“So many people want to help, so the initial group will  have to make arrangements for our lodging and food, because we want to help, not be part of the problem,” he said.

Perkins said his personal concern at this point revolves around how he can help when he gets there.

“I’m just thinking about the situation and trying to get into place in my mind the best way to serve the people in such a horrific disaster,” he said.

Perkins, a retired Jeffersontown police officer, has had much experience in disaster relief efforts, having assisted after the Katrina disaster, as well as in New York after the Sept. 11 tragedy and in various floods, tornados and hurricanes.

At this time, the efforts of no other local churches have been brought to the attention of The Sentinel-News.