Lewis and Clark are back

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By Sharon Warner



Photo by Duanne B. Puckett


Scenes of the Oregon Trail and the adventures of Lewis and Clark came to life in the gym at Simpsonville Elementary – thanks to fourth- and fifth-grade classes. Under the direction of Emily Royse, the children were in costume as they sang, danced and acted out that great exploration. One student believes she must have fallen asleep since these historical characters popped in view to make the tale more understandable. But Meriwether Lewis (Rahim Shalash) exclaims, “Don’t get all upset, little girl! We’ll explain the whole thing to you.” William Clark (Baron Lee) agreed, “Yeah! We’ll give you a first-hand account of our trip.” That trip included Sacajawea (Anna Kelly), who said, “It was wonderful!”... Charbonneau (Spencer Bradley), who said, “It was eventful!”... York (Darius Kindle) .who said, “It was eye-opening!” ... and the dog, Scannon (Taylor Decker), who said, “It was ruff!”