Letters to the Editor: Sept. 4, 2013

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Pass Fairness Ordinance

There's been a lot of talk lately about gays and lesbians and whether or not we should pass a Fairness Ordinance to give "them" equal protection. Imagine that!

Well, let's think about "them" for a minute. When one of them cuts their fingers, they bleed red blood, just like us. When they laugh, they feel happy, just like us. When they pay their taxes, they hate it, ,just like us. When they have a job, they work 40 hours a week, just like us. When they wake in the morning, their breath stinks, just like us. When they grow old, they die, just like us. When they get a bill, they pay it, just like us. When they have to go you-know, they go just like us. When they get sick, they feel bad, just like us. When there is a war being fought, they die on the battlefield, just like us. When one of their family members dies, they grieve, just like us, and when they cry, tears run down their faces, just like us.

You know, the more I think about “them,” the more they seem like us. Whether you know it or not, each and every one of us have gay or lesbian family members.

Pass the Fairness Ordinance. It's the right thing to do.

Todd Brown

La Honda, Calif.


New gym option


To the ones who said we were irked and too lazy to exercise before the men and small ones: We were so disappointed to think of three parks and buildings and equipment donated that we older gals were given two weeks to out of the women’s gym.

One lady said when a door is closed God will give us a better place. So many of us have been friends and family for years. The gym was not only to be with strangers and have healthy bodies but the therapy of someone to talk to and share our lives with.

We had to find a place and someone to help us. We found her just upstairs, Patty Sweasy “Fit for Life” – Ron and Karen, her trainers, were like our trainers. They wanted to help us. This is better for us because we exercise according to our ability and health issues, and they help us use the equipment.

It would be nice to be young and be able to tolerate colder water to swim and yoga and Zumba classes. We think they are great, but some of us with health issues are not able to do them.

I would love to speak for many of us who are happy and looking forward to our new classes at “Fit for Life.”

We hope our trainers at the old gym – Jan, Sara, Megan – find good jobs, and we thank them for being there for us.

Marty Shaver



Sad mall site


A few weeks ago I visited the site where the outlet mall is being built in Simpsonville. I still cannot believe that the Simpsonville City Commission, along with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, allowed the “entire” destruction of such a magnificent lake and wetlands. It is a travesty that the board members felt that the people of this city needed a new purse, fashion jeans or a few minimum-wage jobs at the expense of destroying an entire wildlife habitat.

This destruction and slaughter of such an abundance of wildlife is unconscionable. If you think that a couple of men in a John boat with some nets “cleared” most of the fish before that lake was drained, think again. All the fish and wildlife that I saw strewn all over that site tells a different story. I would like to add that I do appreciate the efforts of the KDFW to save some of the fish. Beaver, scores of birds and waterfowl nests along with their young were destroyed. I hope that new, cheap, pair of designer jeans is worth it.

What’s ironic is that most of the products that will be purchased from the mall will be manufactured overseas; and the companies that support the overseas manufacturing are the same companies that will be leasing the outlet mall space. Good job, Simpsonville City Commission, a development you can be proud of.

Barbara Shadley



Unworthy of print


It sure surprises me to see a local paper to allow someone to trash Christians and God and to publish such an article (“Here is what the Bible really states,” July 31).  It is a shame that anyone would write such dribble but even worse for you to actually print it. I could write a rebuttal to this, but this misguided professional individual would never get it.

Don Decker