Letters to the Editor, Oct. 5, 2011

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Tabloid journalism

I am a long-time subscriber having grown up in Shelby County (now living in Houston). You have recently published front-page articles on Tonya Brown and Judge Steve Mershon written by Lisa King (“A Killer Goes Free,” Sept. 19, 21, 26). Such retrospective columns are from the worst tradition of tabloid journalism. Ms. Brown, even though she committed a heinous act, has in fact passed through our court system and was incarcerated. She has paid the penalty for this crime and is now trying to get her life back together. Our community’s interest is not served by retrying her on the front page of your newspaper. Judge Mershon, a very experienced judge, has released her on shock probation. Your article, by its placement and tone, serve to impair the public’s view of our judiciary system.

Such articles as these should be dealt with in the editorial or op-ed sections of your paper and not on the front page.

E. Logan Brown Jr.


Donnell more than ‘adequate’


As a board-certified forensic pathologist and Kentucky State Medical Examiner with over 25 years of experience in the profession, I would like to inform you and your readership that I consider Laura Witt Donnell to be exemplary in her professionalism and her carrying out her duties on behalf of the citizens of the commonwealth. I have worked in Kentucky as well as other states (North Carolina, Indiana) for a long time, and Ms Donnell is one of the finest prosecutors with whom I've had the privilege of working.
The Sentinel-Newsquestioned whether the Commonwealth is doing an adequate job in pursuing justice. I have never thought of the word "adequate" in relation to Ms Donnell; rather, the word "excellent" is what first comes to mind. She is dedicated, driven even, and the safety and well-being of our commonwealth is first and foremost on her mind. The citizens of Anderson, Shelby and Spencer counties have much to be proud of, and Laura Witt Donnell is a person in whom your citizens should have much trust and pride.

Dr. Gregory J. Davis



Boone statue a good idea


I am a retired school teacher from Chicago, Ill., after teaching over 28 years in the Chicago schools. I’ve traveled many times to Kentucky and just love its infinite variety of beautiful parks, historic sites, museums, scenic highways, wineries and many of its major events, and even have visited the Fort Harrod, Boonesborough and Long Run Massacre and Floyd’s Defeat re-enactments.

I surely believe a Squire Boone statue is a worthy addition to the Shelbyville area for this great American who founded this area and is spoken about at length by W. Fred Conway in the paperbook The Incredible Adventures of Daniel Boone’s Kid Brother – Squire.

Ron Barber


Thanks for help


I would like to send a public thank you to the two gentlemen who helped me and my daughter when my car broke down. It was on Aug. 15, and my car broke down at the stop light in front of Hardee’s in Shelbyville. Thank you, Austin Rogers and his friend, Chris. Without them, I don’t know what I would’ve done.

Lesley Sullivan