Letters to the Editor, Oct. 19, 2011

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Animal control issues


Tracy Miller of Speak Out And Rescue wrote this evaluation of animal control issues in Shelby County:

“I visited Shelby County on Friday to take a look at some of the dogs chained in that county. There are some folks there who want “chain-ge,” and hopefully steps will be taken to put a law in place to stop this cruel practice. With the Shelby County ‘NO KILL’ mission, one would hope there would be support for such a law.

“This mama has a litter of puppies she is nursing in the 90-degree heat on a heavy chain, padlocked and NO SHADE!! A doghouse is NOT shade. It’s an oven….When we reported this to Animal Control, we were told, ‘We were there,’ and ‘there’s nothing we can do.’ This mama had no food, to which we were told, ‘Dogs only have to be fed 

once a day.’”

My reply to Ms Miller:

I also live in Shelbyville and have had that same discussion with Animal Control. Unfortunately the law does limit what they can do.  They consider any covering the animal can get under as acceptable shelter.  There is a requirement for at least a 10-foot chain.  The animal is supposed to have access to water at all times.

I had to watch this scenario play out next door to us  for probably a year.  Two dogs were permanently chained in a back yard, one as a big male pit bull and was on a big log chain and nevergot off that chain. All they had were plywood lean-tos as shelter -– even when the weather was literally hitting three digits. Pit bulls do not have an undercoat, and this animal was also thin. Animal control could do nothing according to existing law.  It's a shame.


Sharon Carter



Our friendly hospital


Recently, I was taken to the emergency room of our Shelbyville Jewish Hospital. It was not crowded, for it has recently been doubled in size, with public-spirited citizens providing a significant portion of the funds required. Several staff members met me at the door and wheeled me in for immediate examination by the facility’s physician.

Tests were quickly administered to rule out severe ailments and it was determined that my condition was manageable. However, as a precaution, I was admitted to the hospital, itself, for an overnight’s observation.

Other than its convenient location and its high quality of professional service, our hospital provides the local touch. In my 41 years in Shelbyville, I have found that the residents of our community still maintain the friendliness and courtesies, associated with small southern communities.

Our hospital is largely staffed by local residents who know us and our families and treat us as neighbors. As an example, the lady who cleaned my room remarked to me that a few years ago she had been impressed to see my 110-year-old mother applying makeup in the hospital, still insistent upon maintaining a proper appearance.

We are fortunate indeed to have a home town hospital, part of the large Jewish Hospital complex in Louisville, whose facilities are so readily available.

Ron Van Stockum Sr.





All-star runner


Operation CatSnip of Kentucky held its second 5K run/walk at Clear Creek Park on Oct. 1. One of  the runners was Andrew Danner, the cross-country coach at Shelby County High  School. It was very encouraging to see the support and admiration of his  cross-country students as they cheered and ran with him to the finish line.  He received our All-Star award for having the best time of all applicants, but we think the best award was the encouragement and respect that his students gave him. He was already their All-Star! We were very fortunate to have witnessed this very special moment.

Sandra Hill



War on Hoffa


Okay! Mr. Hoffa, War it is....I've been thinking of buying a new car and  guess what? It will not be a union-made....Yes, I'm one of those SOBs you  hate – a Tea-Party member. I can vote and play war with hoodlums like you. Our  family has done it before. In the late ‘50s my father owned a truck line  and had to payoff your father every time he needed help with union troubles. So war it is. You will not see me buying a GM or Chrysler, companies owned and run by our current president – your pal.

John Test


Principal praise


This is reflective of how the principal of Southside, Ms. [Susan] Burkhardt, has great care and professionalism of her children. I am talking about a slight misunderstanding involving my son that could have been disastrous. But it turned out OK, and parents who were there that day send your “thanks” and admiration to this fine example of a caregiver. I know many teachers, etc. don’t get enough credit, but this one should. I feel compelled to say this because as an example she passed my muster, and for that I say thank you. I take great care when I it comes to my boy.

Edgar Olivares