Letters to the Editor: Nov. 7, 2012

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School officials doing their best


As retired teacher with 34 years of experience in the Shelby County Public Schools and as the current chair of the Shelby County Education PAC, I would like to state confidence in the board of education, administration, teachers, parents and, most importantly, students of Shelby County Public Schools in taking the district in the right direction. Although test scores may appear different than they have in the past, we are still on the road to progressing to total proficiency for all.

There will be some who may take the scores out of context and use the information for political gain. I say that test scores should not be used to advance one’s political position. The teachers, administrators, school board members and leaders work very hard each day to provide our students with a first-class education in this county. While there are areas for improvement in Shelby County, like in all counties in the state, we should believe in our leaders. We should all work together for the sake of the students to make each and every one of them college and career ready.

We believe in the current board members to do their best in these trying budget times to lead the way on this journey that is important to our students and their future.

Joyce Dotson



Student production deserved attention


I had the pleasure of attending a play at Collins High School on Oct. 26. What disappointed me was the low attendance for a school program.

These students put in a lot of time and effort, and deserved a better audience for such a wonderful performance. Not only the students in the play, but also the production staff that produced it deserve appreciation from Shelby County.

Teachers, principals, office staff or any person connected to the school system should have made an appearance for this school program. Our students deserve better than what they received with such a low attendance. Showing pride in students is important and very much needed and deserved.

When our students work hard, we should show them they are appreciated. To the cast and production staff at Collins High School: an excellent job. I look forward to more performances.

Jo Ann Dove


Thank you to the community

The Painted Stone Settlers, Inc. would like to thank the Shelbyville/Shelby County community for their support of our recent re-enactment on Sept. 8-9: The Long Run Massacre & Floyd’s Defeat. This was the 14th anniversary for this living history event, and it would not have been possible all these years without the generous support of various city and county leaders, individuals, businesses and organizations within the county.

We are tremendously appreciative of each and every individual who contributed his or her time, talents and pledged monetary support to make this event come to life. We are especially appreciative of the guidance and support of Brig. Gen. Ronald Van Stockum, who shares our vision for history.

And we are thankful once again for the use of Red Orchard Park. We are grateful to Clarence Miller for having the foresight to set aside this parcel of land for the enjoyment of all ages. We hope we can continue to count on the community’s support for future programs and events at this site.  We encourage others to get out and enjoy this natural gem that we have in our own backyard.

We also want to thank all teachers, parents and students who attended our school day program on Sept. 7. We had a fantastic day! We hope our enthusiasm for history was evident to all who attended and that they walked away with a greater understanding of what it means to be a citizen of Shelby County. This year, we had 820 individuals attend, including 700 from public/private schools from Shelby County and surrounding areas. Homeschoolers visit from Shelby, Franklin, Henry and Jefferson counties and Indiana.

Our primary goal is always education, and if we can instill this in just one student or adult who attends our event, then our goal has been met. To open up the 18th century and give someone a deeper perspective about themselves, where they came from and what the future holds for them is a unique way to view history on a personal level. Our portrayals often make visitors ponder their ancestors, ask themselves why they never learned such things in school books, and why they may never have liked history very much until now.

Helen McKinney, Scribe
The Painted Stone Settlers, Inc.