Letters to the Editor: Nov. 27, 2013

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McConnell no friend

Sen. Mitch McConnell, as usual, let his anti-worker attitude show through by supporting a national right-to-work bill. I’m not surprised as he is paid big bucks by companies, who don’t want to pay their employees good wages and benefits.

A right-to-work law is a law to work the employees for less. Some companies making large profits do not want to share with their employees who helped make these profits. A right-to-work law allows employees to decide if they want to join the union, and if not, by law, they have to be represented the same as dues-paying workers. This is like allowing people to decide if they want to pay taxes or not pay taxes, yet use the tax paid roads, lakes, police and fire departments equally.  
Insurance companies are and have been paying into Sen. McConnell’s campaign big time, and this is the reason he is against Obamacare. The Affordable Health Care Act is definitely an improvement for people who need health insurance. Sen. McConnell has had health insurance, paid for by you and me, for the last 29 years. Yet he wants to deny you and me the same coverage.

Sen. McConnell is no friend of the average working person and has no intention to start now.

Don’t be fooled by Sen. McConnell’s ads saying how great he is and what all he has done for you. He is still the same person who has voted against us all these years (remember he voted against women getting equal pay for equal work) and, if re-elected, will continue to do so.

Owen D. Humphress


Reading Reindeer


Rudy the Reading Reindeer has started shopping for books for children who may otherwise not ever have a book to call their own. However, he needs your help.

Rudy is the mascot for the community program that has collected monetary or book donations for almost 25 years through coordinating efforts by The Sentinel-News, Shelby County Public Library and Shelby County Public Schools.

I cannot think of another tradition in our hometown that touches so many children in such a lasting manner. I’m now retired, but I wanted to remain active in this service project.

Literacy is a strong component for Shelby County Public Schools as Superintendent James Neihof has emphasized a focus on preschool and kindergarten classes. So Reading Reindeer is turning its attention to those two age levels this year.

New books can be dropped off at the public library, 309 8th Street in Shelbyville. SCPS, 1155 Main St. in Shelbyville, and The Sentinel-News, 703 Taylorsville Road.

Monetary donations can be mailed to Reading Reindeer, c/o Shelby County Public Library, 309 8th Street. Notes will be sent if the donation is in honor of or in memory of an individual.

The deadline for books and money is Dec. 14 so that the books can be distributed through the schools before Winter Break by the Family Resource Center coordinators.

Pam Federspiel from the library and Victoria Schreiner from the newspaper work with me on this annual project. They have already spent $1,000 toward the purchase of books. But we still need more money and books to meet the number of children in preschool and kindergarten. I have witnessed former students receive their books and the smiles that appear on their faces prove to me this is certainly a holiday gift that keeps on giving.

Duanne Puckett