Letters to the Editor: Nov. 20, 2013

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Good cooperation

Illicit street and prescribed drugs have pervaded the institution of our city, county, state and nation. The result of these beasts have destroyed people, families and the advancement of basic productive responsibilities of life.

It is encouraging to hear of the cooperation recently between the city of Shelbyville and Shelby County law enforcement agencies (“Dog helps sniff out big heroin bust,” Nov. 6). Both SPD Chief Danny Goodwin and Shelby County Sheriff Mike Armstrong and their respective teams should be strongly commended for the recent arrests of two alleged drug-trafficking offenders.

There are many more on the streets. It is my hope for the good and future of our community that they continue this cooperative spirit in reducing this devastating societal life-wrecker.

Gary L. Walls



Some advice

In his letter, Edgar Oliveras (“God’s law applies,” Letters to the editor, Oct. 30) has many complaints of racism and being treated unfairly by “dirty” cops. I believe the real problem is that he is upset that he has been caught several times. I truly feel that his rants are of the bitter nature only because he feels he is above the law and does not like the fact he was treated like any other citizen breaking the law.

I have two pieces of advice for Mr. Oliveras. First, when you take from the government, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. And, secondly, if you are so unhappy in Shelbyville, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

Karen Spice



Book sale success

The book sale for animals last Saturday was a great success thanks to the merchants allowing the posters in their windows, the newspaper's Datebook page and the many people who donated the books (and especially those that bought them). Thanks to Susan at Kile Signs and a special thanks to Michelle at Ink & Threads for their signs, to Shawn and Jeremiah at FAC for their help, but especially to Michele for her knowledge and help in setting up and tearing down.  Also, I want to thank the tireless helpers of Kay Lockwood, Kathy Taylor, Vivian Hayes and Barb Witte, without whom the sale would never happen.

Katie Sjothun


Good news

The news is ever coming

And change is sure to be.

It seems somehow indifferent

To the likes of you and me.


What a blessing that we don’t know

Just what tomorrow brings.

The trials of man are fairly shed

On paupers and on kings.


For all we are and all we’re not

We are given life to live.

News will show in a world of “get”

If we ever learned to give.


One hope remains unchanging

And can mitigate our fear.

God loves us without ceasing,

The best news we’ll ever hear.

Don White