Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16, 2011

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The bully from Burkesville got busted


Hooray! It was gratifying to witness the Bully from Burkesville getting busted big time in the governor’s race. He even admitted in his post-election statement that he wasn’t as popular as he thought he was. It’s about time the arrogant David Williams, whose apparent priority as president of the state Senate has been to obstruct anything Gov. Steve Beshear proposed in hope of unseating him as governor. Although he controls the Senate with 22 Republicans, his obviously self-serving tactics and bullying did not sit well with the public voters. It appears that only die-hard Republican partisans supported him.

Williams has pledged to work with the re-elected Gov. Beshear, “if he will work with me.” He has pledged this before. So what does he really mean? It’s my way or no way!

The people of Kentucky are entitled to public servants who put the people’s interests first and foremost, regardless of partisan party politics, instead of their own personal ambition. Is this too much to ask? Or must we continue to suffer a stalemate in our legislature, with fighting over passing a lean budget, passing the buck to reform our tax structure, putting off full funding of the state retirement system, raising their own salaries and retirement benefits, furnishing their offices with giant televisions and expensive paneling at taxpayers’ expense and obstructing progress.

Williams could hardly wait to get back to his job as Senate president, where his power base is and where his rule is supreme. We deserve better. Let’s hope and pray this election is a sign of better things to come.

Ted Igleheart



Animals on the loose


On Friday at approximately 9 p.m., I was picking up my daughter from work, and across the parking lot I could see approximately 10 cats roaming in the lot. As they climbed on top of a parked car in the Fifth Third Bank parking lot, there was a raccoon eating the cat food that had been left for the cats by a lady that thinks she is somehow saving the cats. The raccoon never left the lot, and then I saw a fox in the same vicinity. This is going to be an increasing problem.

Rabies and other diseases are going to be spread among the human population. Where is animal control? Where is the bank manager? I have photos of the raccoon eating among the cats.

Lori Callis