Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2013

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Thoughts on terrorism

On April 15 our nation again was afflicted with harm by terrorists. We again joined the ranks of other cities and other nations in Europe and the Middle East with an attack to our citizens’ lives.
Why? The reason is simply because we project to the world the desire of freedom and liberty to all men and a distaste for tyranny, whether political or religious in nature. Even the tenets of our Constitution are hateful to enemies such as those who perpetrated the mass destruction to life and property on 9/11 and at the Boston Marathon.

Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers points out that, “...the history of mankind reflects the fiery and destructive passions of war which reign in the human breast with much more powerful sway than the mild and beneficent sentiments of peace.”  We certainly find this wisdom applicable today.
My heart and mind tells me we can do only one thing in the situation we find ourselves today. Follow Israel’s attitude and practices toward these terroristic threats – don’t panic, live your life much as you did prior to the threat but be observant. If something is out of the norm, speak up quickly to the authorities.
The cooperation of Bostonians and their attitudes toward the Boston Marathon bombings are a great example. They listened to their local authorities and showed a helpful and timely reaction to the bombings and the need for supporting the victims and the police. It matters not if the destruction is from the hands of foreign or domestic sources – liberty and the freedom it holds will always have enemies. I am proud of the citizens of Boston as well as the federal, state and local authorities who reacted properly and quickly.

Eugene Maynard


In praise of volunteers


As we conclude national volunteer week (April 20-27) we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the over 150 volunteers who support Shelby County’s Relay for Life. These folks have each been touched in some way by cancer. They serve on organizing committees, create teams at their businesses, churches and schools, run pageants, parties, bake sales, dinners and plan other fun events to fight cancer. This year Shelby County’s Relay for Life will be held June 8-9 at Shelby County High School. Each team is planning its relay campsite and costumes around a movie theme. We anticipate hundreds of folks dressed as cowboys, wizards, dwarfs and princesses! This community-wide celebration kicks off at noon Saturday with fun games and contests.

At 7p.m. cancer survivors take the first lap around the track to celebrate winning their personal fights. After sunset the track is encircled with luminaries as we remember those who have won and lost their battles with cancer. The Fight Back Wall is where everyone can write a pledge to finish the fight against cancer.

As the American Cancer Society celebrates its 100th birthday, we celebrate a century of accomplishments in cancer research, prevention, advocacy, patient & caregiver support, and many battles won.  But the war is not over.  We invite everyone to join us in finishing the fight at Relay for Life. Information is at www.relayforlife.org/shelbyky. Or just ask any relay volunteer.  We are passionate and vocal in our fight and happy to share our personal stories. 

Peggy Tschauner & Sonia Roach

Co-Chairs Relay for Life, Shelby County


Big Band sound


This past Saturday we enjoyed a rebirth of Big Band music. This talented group of about 20 locals enthralled us with a perfect blend of sounds without amplification. I’m sure none of them remember that era of Miller, Dorsey, Brown, Ellington, Basie and many others, but they made many of us who do remember a bit misty-eyed. Watch for their next performance, which we hope this paper will announce.

Bob Pearce