Letters to the Editor, May 25, 2011

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SCHS senior: Rank is earned

I was appalled to see a letter signed by “the 2011 senior class of Shelby County High School” in the paper (“SCHS seniors: Order us alphabetically,” May 18). I have absolutely no memory of being consulted on my opinion regarding graduation seating. In fact, my feelings on alphabetical seating are light years away from what was printed. But, honestly, my main problem with the letter was the repeated use of the word “we.” It is ignorant to assume SCHS seniors all share one mind, one opinion, and, at the heart of the issue, one GPA.
Class rank is not a “parade of arrogance” as the letter claimed. It is a celebration of academic achievement. It is no different from recognizing Governor’s Scholars at halftime during a football game or holding awards nights in clubs and sports. Students at the top worked to get there. They made sacrifices to get there. Rank was a motivator if not a priority. Having it snatched away just before these accomplishments would be displayed at graduation is simply cruel.
I understand that the policy is unlikely to be changed. As angering as this is, what is worse is when students try to speak for everyone. I speak for myself and say that rank is an award that many have earned and that every student had the opportunity to achieve.
No matter how we sit, we will know how it would have and should have been. The only difference will be that the school district’s appreciation of its students’ achievements will be irrelevant.
Britt Mahan, SCHS senior

We need

I was educated to the facts, that our country was founded upon biblical principles, that the forefathers of this country were Christians and that the laws of the land that we abided were founded and patterned after the Ten Commandments. After all, these were the very laws that God put in place for us to follow and are still relevant today. The truth has finally been revealed about this country. The former presidents or forefathers have been using the Lord’s name in vain to establish this country to what it is today. Is there any wonder why this country is in the shape that it is in?
I sympathize with Ms. Allewalt. The Ten Commandments do make one examine ourselves and what we do: playing the lottery, bingo or riverboat gambling, instead of trusting God, who promised to supply all our needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus; trusting the horoscopes, mystical balls and weegee boards, instead of trusting in the word of God; giving a business a Christian name to attract customers; selling alcohol and drugs on God’s most Holy Day, because it is just another day; fathers and mothers placed in nursing homes because they don’t fit into our lifestyles, in some cases literally killed to collect insurance money; drive-by shootings and killings because a drug deal went sour; couples making living arrangements to make sure they are suitable for one another; couples divorcing because they’ve outgrown one another; gender changes because someone decided they did not want to be who God created them to be; cheating on your taxes to get bigger refunds or filling up your car and pulling off without paying because the gas prices are so high; lying while under oath; using someone else’s credit card and maxing it out; filing bankruptcy because a bigger house or a better car was appealing, but not affordable, leaving the government to pay the outstanding debt. Yes, this is overwhelming.
Thank God for Jesus, for he said, “I will never leave thee.” When it is all said and done, it was God in the beginning, and it will be God in the end. My question for you is: If the Ten Commandments are taken down, or perhaps they have already been taken down, what will be the replacement? This country is in need of a savior.
Delores Hayes


Library fees

The Shelby County Public Library Board of Trustees has agreed to try the 90-day free service use of a library collection agency, Unique Management Services. This decision was made to help encourage patrons with overdue materials to return them to the library. If there is final approval to continue the services of the collection agency, the cost will be passed on to each patron whose account is handled by the collection agency. Regionally, the Paul Sawyier Public Library has utilized Unique Management Services for nine years as does the Henry County Public Library.
This decision to use the collection agency was made with all patrons in mind. Materials not returned are not available for others to borrow. The library would rather use budget dollars to buy the latest and most popular materials available to meet patrons’ needs rather than spending those same tax dollars to purchase replacement materials.
An amnesty period to bring back any overdue material fine free is scheduled for May 23-June 4. If you have any questions about your library account, please call the Library at 633-3803.
Pam Federspiel, director
Shelby County Public Library


Vets’ names needed

In your Neighbors section (“No rain on the parade,” May 18) you had a very nice page on the Bagdad parade, with several pictures, and you named the people in those pictures, which is very nice. At the bottom of the page you wrote “World War II veterans wave to the crowd,” and what I saw were four heroes of this country. I know it’s no big deal to most, but it would have been nice to know the names of these men, God bless them.
Rick Alderson

Editor’s note:  The veterans in the parade were Leland Bland, George Busey, J.W. Miles, John Clinton, Ray Quire and Eugene Hardin.


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