Letters to the Editor: March 26, 2014

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Questioning the courts


Even though I don’t write to the editor often, I am now because I have a concern with our judicial system in Shelby County. Attorneys from other counties have even told me that this court system is a lot like Mayberry.

I am 100 percent in favor of “you do the crime, you do the time,” but don't you think the same crime should carry the same sentence?

When I read the court report, should there be a difference in the judgment given by the same judge for the same offense? One is charged with DUI or drugs or no insurance, no license, concealed weapons or sometimes all of the charges. One DUI will get the same fine and time in jail while another will get the same, but theirs will be reduced or given time and probated and extra time to pay a lesser fine. Does that seem fair?

What about one person embezzling or stealing $2-3 million and getting probation as long as the person pays what the court orders? Why should another person who does the same crime – yet for a much smaller amount of money – be taken from the courtroom in handcuffs, placed in prison and turned down, not once but twice, for shock probation? Is that fair, especially since the second person has a serious heart condition, has had a stroke in jail because of extremely high blood pressure, has had surgery in prison for cancer, has a doctor’s letter stating it is detrimental for the person to be incarcerated and has a record that shows a crime has never been committed in the past?

I would like to know what others think. Can I encourage someone who agrees with me or even has answers to my questions to also write the editor so we can all try and figure out our court system?

Geraldine Stone



Happy for wound care clinic


I just wanted to express my appreciation and respect for Dr. (Rod) McMillin and Micheal Collins, CEO of JHS (Wound Clinic to be backat JHS, March 5) for working together for the good of our community in preserving the wound care clinic. Especially for the chronically ill, the elderly and those with limited financial resources that do not travel well. It has truly been a haven. The contribution of this clinic to the people and patients of Shelbyville is invaluable. The clinic has, in every situation, provided the best of care to all of the patients they have received despite the patients financial abilities. It is warming to see such a level of professionalism and patient advocacy shown by these local gentlemen.

Jean Stodghill APRN