Letters to the Editor, March 23, 2011

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Instrument donation program

The First Presbyterian Church’s Outreach Committee continues its quest for musical instruments that can be used by students in Shelby County Public Schools. The program, operated in partnership with the school system, has been in place since 2003.
The most recent instrument was a clarinet given by Sarah Perry McGee on Feb. 24 in memory of Wendy Phillips and Bill Nelson.
The first instrument, a trumpet, was delivered to the church in December 2003. This latest acquisition brings the total to 38 instruments collected and delivered to worthy students who might not have been able to be in the band or orchestra because they could not afford to purchase or rent an instrument.
People who are interested in donating instruments may drop them off at First Presbyterian Church (629 Main Street in Shelbyville) or arrange for a pickup by calling 633-2693. In return, donors will be given a statement estimating the value of their tax-deductible donations. The committee also accepts cash donations, which can be used for restoring instruments that need repair or, in some cases, purchasing inexpensive instruments at yard sales or flea markets.
If you have a musical instrument that is no longer used and is just stored somewhere in your house, gathering dust and taking up space, please consider giving it as a tax-deductible donation to the First Presbyterian Church Instrument program. All donations go to students who attend Shelby County schools.
On behalf of all those who have benefited from this program and the members of the church, we would like to thank The Sentinel-News for including stories about this in the newspaper. We have found that every time the paper runs this story, we receive one or more donations. Also thanks to the kind and generous people of the area who respond and support the program through their donations.

Gary Steinhilber