Letters to the Editor, March 2, 2011

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Doyle's column went too far

Let me first say, since I have known Steve Doyle for several years. I am shocked that he would stoop that low to make remarks about Spencer County and the location of the [Shelby County-Collins] game being a big mistake (“Big night, big game, but the location is a big mistake,” Feb. 23).
First, that is just the way the ball bounces during tournament time that you have to play in a smaller gym. Did he come up with the name ‘’Grand Hall”? Doyle’s column was a slap in the face at Spencer County. “Stretching the codes for comfort, fire safety, and personal hygiene” is getting personal.
Rotation schedules are set up for schools to host tournaments, and this just happens to be our year.
I guess it bothers Doyle because he knows Spencer County has the better team. It is obvious by his column that he thinks the only two schools that exist are Collins and Shelby County. Let me remind you that Spencer County went undefeated in 30th District games this year and beat Collins in the so-called “Grand Hall.”
And let’s go back and reflect on that game. What class the students of Collins showed coming dressed to mock and make fun of Spencer County. I think the words “you suck” and “white trash” were two of the phrases that were used. Sounds like the kind of place I would want to go to a game. But I believe Spencer County beat Collins that night.
To provide, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story,” it was decided to give both Collins and SCHS a total of 1,100 tickets, and Shelby County / Collins could not even sell all them. Sounds to me like not very many people were interested in coming to the “big game.” I believe they gave back more than 400 tickets.
The really “big game” was Saturday night, when Spencer County beat Collins and for its first district title since 1984, not in the “Grand Hall,” but in the “Quaint Quonset” of Spencer County High School.
David Jones

He should get off his high horse

Steve Doyle’s opinions sure do not reflect the opinions of the people that I went to school with in Shelby County. You give respect to your opponent and their facilities. I graduated from SCHS and worked in both Spencer County and Eminence. The people in those school districts work very hard to provide the best learning situations for all of their students. The size of a facility is not the most important consideration. Each school should have the opportunity to be the best host possible. This was the point I made at the district meeting in Anderson County several years ago. As principal of EHS, I did propose rotating the district to all schools.
One basketball game for fans to travel out of Shelby County is not unreasonable, 95 percent of the time. The gym at Spencer County, which was built while I was athletic director there, will hold all of the fans that want to attend.
Mr. Doyle needs to get off his high horse and realize that other places are just as important as Shelby County.
Butch Gray
SCHS Class of 1968

Deal with  immigration

I am writing in response to the My Word column (“Let’s not misread immigration,” Feb. 23), in the last few weeks, it seems that there has been a column about the illegal immigration problem. It really seems like we have a lot of bleeding hearts around here.
I take issue with the fact that Sarah Fouts compares immigration in the early 20th century with  the immigrants now. The immigrants that came to America before wanted to become citizens. They didn’t expect handouts, clog up emergency rooms, get free medical, food stamps and help with low-income housing. They didn’t come here just to have an anchor baby. They learned the language as soon as they could. They wanted to fit in.
I think it is time to realize that we can no longer afford to take care of these people. If they want to stay, we need to cut off all the government handouts. How do we tell American citizens we don’t have any money to help them if they need it but yet we still give freebies to people that don’t even belong here. This has got to stop!
When did we stop enforcing our laws? When did we get to start picking and choosing which laws we wanted to follow? When are we going to wake up?
Ann Kaelin

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