Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2013

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Dangerous interchanges

Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut, like everyone else, but I’m not, so here goes:

First off, we get a new bypass (Freedom’s Way) around Shelbyville that is wonderful, then we discovered there is no wire in parts of the concrete that required extra work. Then we noticed we had only one left turn lane at U.S. 60 and KY 55 (Freedom’s Way) area. That has been corrected after a few telephone calls and E-mails. Then we notice no right-hand turn lanes at KY 53 and Freedom Way’s or Freedom’s Way and U.S. 60.

Now we have two exits on Interstate 64 to Shelbyville KY 55 and KY 53. Both of them have left-hand-turn lanes from the off-ramp, and in my opinion that is totally a stupid idea. Certain times of the day, cars are backed out on 64. So what you have is cars sitting in one lane of I-64 and cars going 70, 80 or 90 miles an hour in the other lane. I am predicting a rear-end crash, someone will likely be killed, maybe a school bus full of children or moms and dads coming home from work.

So my thought is this; Who is watching our county? Certainly not our leaders we have elected. And whoever designed these interchanges could care less about Shelby County. Something needs to be done and fast before a disaster happens. So should I keep my mouth shut or what do you readers think and politicians think?

Raymond E. Gardner

Shelby County

Park problem

My grandson had a birthday party for his son. He went to the Clear Creek Park to reserve the shelter and was told it would be $40, so he paid it. He called back to make sure everything was all right and was told everything was in order. The birthday party was May 19. When he went to the shelter that day, there was somebody already at the shelter. When my daughter called the office, there was no statement that he had paid the fee. My son and his wife had to take the statement to the office, and then he was charged another $30 for the shelter for which he already had paid $40 because a sign on the shelter said it was already rented.

The second statement they gave him wasn’t like the first one. The ones in the office made the mistake, not the one doing the paying. I don’t think he should have had to pay another $30 because of their mistakes. I think the park owes me $30, because I was the one who paid it. What do you think?

The people working at the park don’t know what they are doing. Get someone there who does know what they are doing.

Sadie Jones



Shelby Energy members’ rights

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) is committed to the proposition that, because Shelby Energy Rural Electric Cooperative (Shelby Energy) is owned jointly by its members, it should be responsive to their needs. Our Renew Shelby Energy Campaign has three simple goals:

  • Open the meetings of Shelby Energy so that members have the right to attend board meetings and have issues placed on board meeting agendas.
  • Open the records of Shelby Energy to examination by members.
  • Ensure open and fair elections, including nomination by petition for all board directors, mail-in ballot voting, and the prohibition of proxy voting.

Toward that end, KFTC is encouraging Shelby Energy members to petition Shelby Energy to adopt a Member’s Bill of Rights that includes voting and election safeguards, as well as provisions for open meetings and records. You can sign this petition online at www.renewshelbyenergy.org. You can also find the campaign on Facebook at facebook.com/RenewShelbyEnergy.

Leslie McBride

Shelby County chapter, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth