Letters to the Editor: June 18, 2014

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Before the outlet mall


Dear Editor:

Here is a recent picture of the riotously yellow field across from the dreadful outlet mall development. Everything in this photo will soon be destroyed and replaced by hotels, fast food, gas stations, traffic, etc.

Maybe someone someday will ask: “What was here before all of this ugliness? Was it anything beautiful?” Which do you really prefer?

We all need to be “stewards of the earth” and protect our beautiful environment before more disappears and goes the way of so-called development.


Jamie Jarboe




Thank you, Rural Diabetes Coalition


Thank you KRDC!  Thank you Mona, Linda, Amanda, and Teresa!  My blood sugar levels are down, my A1C is down, I am losing weight and I feel better – all thanks to you!  You have taught me that just because I have diabetes it doesn’t mean I have to stop living.

The KIPDA Rural Diabetes Coalition’s ‘Living Well with Diabetes’ course gave me the tools I needed to understand my diabetes, control it and live a good life.  The course taught me how to make and follow an action designed specifically for me.  I learned how to read nutrition labels and find the “hidden” sugars in packaged foods.  I discovered what foods were best for me to eat and what foods I needed to avoid.  I studied portion control and the benefits of proper exercise.  The once-a-week class over the period of 6 weeks also taught me about stress, how it affects my body and how I can effectively deal with it.

‘Living Well with Diabetes’ gave me everything my doctor ordered and the best part is it’s free!  If you have diabetes, call KIPDA and get registered for the class.  It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself and for your family!

Again, thank you KRDC!

Luana B. Hester

Finchville, KY



Kindness at Grove Hill Cemetery


While planting flowers at Grove Hill latest Tuesday I had an accident, which left me helpless on the ground. I had badly sprained my ankle. My companion could not get me up. The cemetery workers were at lunch. My companion flagged down a lady who agreed to help. They got me up and to our truck. She even offered to finish the planting. My Angel's name is Debbie Derrossett (sp?) I cannot thank her enough.

PLEASE never visit the cemetery alone. Had I fallen forward I would have hit a huge granite stone with my forehead. It was at least one half hour before anyone arrived. I was in the old section of the cemetery where there is limited traffic. Those who are unsteady on the feet, older as I am, or are accident prone – as I also am – should take heed. Uneven ground is not your friend! Take along a pal!!


Betsy Conner,