Letters to the Editor, June 13, 2012

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Inspectors can’t enforce codes


People should not be concerned about the shortage of building inspectors in the city of Shelbyville (“Shelbyville plugging inspector’s position,” May 30). The Shelby County building inspector cannot enforce the building codes anyway.

Or at least that is the reason I am given as to why the code violations at my house haven't been repaired by the local contractor who created them. The inspector made me pay $600 to a structural engineer to prove they were code violations, even though the work that was done was not the work as shown on the building plans for the house. When the engineer confirmed the violations and put them in writing, I hand-delivered them to the inspector’s office, where I was told there was nothing he could do to enforce the code.

Shortage of inspectors? From my viewpoint, what difference does it make?

David Weinberg

Immigration complaints


Wow! I have been watching the last several years as the Arizona Law on immigration has developed and have been wondering what took it so long? I will tell you that it’s amazing how America has a lacking of “intelligence” in regards to history and immigration itself. I would like to ask anyone to debate this and prove me wrong.

How many people in this country think they are Americans? Think about it. If this law were to pass, then we as a people, regardless of our color or religious beliefs, would have to leave this country.

Why? Because the only “real Americans” are the Native Americans.

Don’t you think that because of the lack of education in this country that maybe we should teach the children well about this issue?

I do hope that anyone out there, regardless of politics, will grow up and start taking responsibility for their actions and quit trying to blame everyone else for their problems. Because in reality “corporate America” has been the one to send jobs out of the country, not the “Mexicans” and not any other group.

I tell you, people: Check your facts. Quit believing anything anyone tells you. Use your brains. It helps.

Edgar Oliveras