Letters to the Editor: June 12, 2013

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Why is Fairness ordinance needed?

The consideration of passage of a fairness ordinance by the city of Shelbyville puzzles me (“We need a Fairness Ordinance,” MY WORD, June 5). I was under the impression that laws were in existence to prevent any discrimination against the areas Ms. Ann-Lynn Ellerkamp categorized.

How can you determine publicly some of these identities she lists? In any case, discrimination may be so subtle that it appears impossible for one in authority, who must verify the action, and determine it is a infraction.
It appears that those who are involved in lifestyles such as sexual aberrations, confused gender orientation or sexual perversion who may want to be placed in a super-citizen category or caste as superior nobility – a fantastic upper plane that only exists in their minds and that only they understand. That’s not reasonable.
Just because a person has an unusual form of living or relationship with another entity doesn’t mean that our society must have a special ordinance or law to comfort them some way. Why would they ask unless they feel their actions are outside the norm?
Our laws presently protect you if you are a law abiding citizen of the human family, or in this modern and enlightened world a pet such as a dog, cat or horse, etc.

Why put another ordinance or law on the books to confuse everyone further?

As Christians, most citizens I know respect and love all people. We may not involve ourselves in everyone’s lifestyle or engage in relationships that our Christian doctrine tells us is harmful to our spiritual relationship with our deity; and we don’t try to force everyone to our lifestyle and complain because not everyone is doing what we do or finding favor in what we do.

Eugene Maynard


Cowardly move

Shame on Shelbyville Mayor Tom Hardesty and the members of the city council for trying to avoid public discussion of a Fairness Ordinance for Shelbyville. Of course they have a plausible excuse for cancelling the June 6 meeting and moving it at the last minute to June 4, but that doesn't make it any less cowardly.

Citizens and taxpayers in good standing of Shelbyville intended to exercise their First Amendment rights during the public comment period of the June 6 meeting to present factual information about the Fairness Ordinance in effect in Lexington. But for some reason Mayor Hardesty and the city council couldn't face their own citizens on the subject of fairness.
What are you afraid of, Mayor Hardesty? What is it about public discussion of a pressing local issue that so terrifies you?

Shame on you and all the city council members for trying to deny Shelbyville citizens their First Amendment right to petition their government for redress of grievances.
Shame on you for cowardice and mendacity.

Lisa Aug


EDITOR’S NOTE: Shelbyville City Council on June 3 announced that it was moving up its meeting to June 4 because Mayor Hardesty would be out of town.


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